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Thread: 3s and Stoicism

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    Default 3s and Stoicism

    Type 3 is in the middle of the heart center, and therefore most out of touch with shame and emotions.

    I'm curious: what is your relationship with stoicism?

    Do you find yourself feeling stoical about issues that others find emotional?
    Do you find yourself having a lot of feelings, but appearing stoical to others?
    Would you consider stoicism a useful skill to be able to portray?
    Do you ever wish you had no feelings at all? Or do you wish for the freedom to express your emotions more?

    I am kind of shooting in the dark here, but it's come to my attention lately that type 3 may have a specific relationship with stoicism, and I'm trying to figure out what it is. =)

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    Your points are very interesting.

    When I'm not focusing on work for example, I sometimes have a lot of feelings and try and be stoical with others.

    And I feel stoicism could be useful if openly showing emotions isn't particularly comfortable in a given situation. I do sometimes wish I had no emotions at all. I think stoicism is good if I think the cost of showing emotions might be distracting to others when the goal is work or puts too much attention on me (if the emotion is negative, for example).

    I usually open up more and manage to keep on the bright side of things, though..most all the time with few exceptions.
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    From a purely, purely self-oriented standpoint (which is just one particular standpoint)--

    When I'm relatively stoic in crises, sometimes it's because the course of action is clear enough--and so I just am stoic. Other times, it's because I'm suppressing something so that we can move forward.

    When I work with others, I'll pick and choose which cards to play and hold the rest close to my chest. If I want/need someone to have to guess, I'll hold 'em all.

    I wouldn't say that I'm emotionally out of touch. I virtually always know why I'm feeling the way I do about something or in a given situation, and how it manifests in behavior. I can venture a good guess about the same in others, but I'm much better with those I'm closest to.

    For me, emotions are things that should be (a) recognized, (b) treated as a guide, (c) evaluated and resolved, and (c) refined over time so that they can serve as a better guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maybe View Post
    I'm curious: what is your relationship with stoicism?
    An ongoing battle of the master and the servant. Who is whom in that particular metaphor is yet to be determined, however.

    Do you find yourself feeling stoical about issues that others find emotional?
    Quite the opposite for me. Where I differ is in the presentation. I don't readily display what goes on in my head, which gives off a chilling, calloused demeanor, when in reality I'm quite soft and warm, and readily feel about a variety of issues that maybe others overlook. However I disagree vehemently with unloading that kind of emotional laundry publicly and frequently. I find displays of that nature a reflection of poor self-restraint and immaturity.

    Would you consider stoicism a useful skill to be able to portray?
    It's invaluable. Emotions are strong and gripping and disorienting and all sorts of other adjectives. To let them roam free is let go of a certain degree of control, and I like to be in charge of myself. They also have a tendency to get in the way of my objectives. To relinquish control of them is to set myself up for future problems.

    Do you ever wish you had no feelings at all?
    Absolutely not. I have experience bouts of apathy, and it's one of the most poisonous and bleak situations I've ever been in.

    Admittedly I find emotions a great obstacle in my life, but the difficulty is what drives me to further explore and master them.

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