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    The only thing that can really help you decide your second type is by reading extended descriptions and comparing them. I find the overviews on enneagraminstitute to be most helpful. For the longest time I thought I was 6w2 until I read deeper descriptions (actually read them, not just skimmed) and realized I don't relate to the arrogance of 2s at all but relate to the anal retentiveness of 1s well (but not as much as the dependency of 6s).

    And yes, I reject the wing theory. I'm not a 5. At all. Or 7. At all.

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    Opps, forgot about this thread as I had exams all last week, but thanks a lot for all the replies hoping to follow up on this enneagram stuff soonish! Quick question though: do people just instinctively know what types they are or do these things take months / years? I've always found it very difficult to type myself, suppose that's why I like doing these quizzes so much!

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    That's a big hint of being a 9. We hate being stressed out and will appear to never get angry. We also will become indifferent to things randomly (even if it's a passion). I'm a 9w8 and I still relate very well to 2 and 3. That's because, like stated earlier, I am an NF and want to help people and my "soul child" (a thread somewhere in this forum explains this theory) is a 3. That means that deep down inside, no matter how humble I appear, there's a show off inside of me that wants to impress people. It's not nearly as extreme as a 3's, but it's there whenever the opportunity arises.
    Just thought I'd mention I relate to this uncannily well

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