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    Quote Originally Posted by Standuble View Post
    lol at Weed being legal in North Korea.

    I would guess 7 or 8. The others would probably only become a criminal out of some ideological reason or if pushed too far.
    What if it's both?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jizzlobber View Post
    Shh, don't tell anyone.
    oh no there's another one

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    Depends on what kind of criminal, you may have 9 stereotypes, or even 54 (9x3x2) subtypes of criminals. An enneatype falling down and doing what he's suppose to do would be a cliché.

    I would consider, by experience, that 9w1 can be perfect criminals, the kind of "new age quack", cult leader, "magufo", white glove frauds. The sx/so variant accomplishes more brainwash and is self-destructive.

    I would challenge 9w1 against 9w8, both sx/so or so/sx, about which one is more destructive on his own way.
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    6 - when counter-phobic they like to go against the system and to rebel against just out of sanse of rebellion - anarchists, part of street gangs, extremistic groups, neonacists
    7- they don't really like rules, want to be free and they can sometimes throw themselves into pretty crazy actions - crimes out of passion, on the spur of the moment, often can get themsevles into serious troubles only, because they didn't think things throught
    8- angry, power seeking 8, I could seem then as extrermists, gang leaders, political criminals and tax cheaters
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    Yeah, if I was a psycho and ever committed a murder it would be out of rage or possibly severe, severe desire for vengeance.

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