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    I am skeptical about MBTI; but I'm IEI-3Ni in Socionics.

    I mainly listen to Classical music, sometimes Baroque music. The reasons for this are partly due to the purity of their sound, partly due to how the styles align with my aesthetic values, and probably partly due to the fact that this music has been a substantial part of my life since I was 4. I feel a strong emotional connection to this music that I don't with any other music.

    I don't see lyrics as necessary to make music great. In a musical form where lyrics are important, I tend to look at how the music supports and reflects the themes in the lyrics, and whether the lyrics show mature writing.

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    I am an INFP 4w5 and my favorite music geners are alternative rock, grunge, hard-rock, punk/rock, industrial rock, industrial metal, melodich death metal, folk metal, gothic metal and gothic rock
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vulcan View Post
    I don't really like rap or country, overall, although I admit there are exceptions and that my knowledge of them as genres is extremely limited. I don't have an issue with people who like it; it's just not something I relate to. I'm a dorky white kid from a densely populated area who tended to be more into classic rock/film soundtracks growing up. I branched out into contemporary and more esoteric stuff later, but generally the stuff I like the most tends to be the stuff that is "uncool" to like. I'm open to discovering new things I like but I don't have the energy to obsessively dog through the local scene to find something that's non-mainstream, and I feel too old for that, anyway.

    Regarding lyrics, I think I place a stronger emphasis on them than most people. The best stuff coming out nowadays is stuff that tends to be at least a little poetic, IMO.

    I think the music I like says a lot about me, in that I'm not really sure if I'm old-fashioned or ahead of the curve. I don't and will never choose music based on how it will "appear" to others. I think music should be personal, and it's one of those things I'm not willing to negotiate on to suit the whims of other people. I don't give a damn if people think the stuff I like is overly sentimental or pretentious or dated; they don't have to listen to it. Only I do.

    I guess I like artists who aren't afraid to be different or say something passionate or interesting. I don't expect everyone to be up for that, and it's fine.

    As an example, I liked the White Stripes in high school, and people disliked it because it was too simple. For me, it was incredibly refreshing, because it seemed raw and real; like it cut through all the bullshit. And there was a lot of bullshit in the air during those years. I can't remember what bands people were supposed to like back then, but Jack White has shown that he has staying power (apparently Meg couldn't deal with the fame).
    I think music is timeless, so old fashioned or ahead of the curve doesn't figure into my equation. Jack is unusual. I watched him in the documentary It Might Get Loud with Jimmy Page (one of my fav guitarists) and U2's The Edge (another one of my fav guitarists). Did you see it? Jack, the hands-on guy:

    I laughed when he said, "Who needs to buy a guitar?"

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    What type are you?
    INTP; INTj (IPNT to be more specific)
    What kind (genre preferably) of music do you primarily listen to? Why?
    Most of the time I find myself listening to music that allows me to delve deeper into my own thoughts... Psy-Trance, Downtempo, Minimalist, Drone/Doom Metal, and anything Ambient are the ideal genres to suit these desires. If I am feeling happy and energetic (possibly because of my morning coffee) then I tend to move towards Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Hip-Hop, Hard-style Trance, and even some generic pop songs (whatever you call 80's music).
    Do you value lyrics over the musical content? Or visa versa?
    I believe lyrics to be unnecessary and sometimes even hindering to a song that expresses its emotions and meanings well, yet allows itself to be open to interpretation based off the experiences of the listener. Most of the music I listen to lacks lyrics. This does not mean I do not appreciate the human voice... I just prefer that such a voice is used without the need for words, but merely as another instrument.
    How do you think this music reflects upon you as a person?
    I am a depressed fuck who needs to not be depressed.

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    What type are you? Not 100% sure, but I think INFP 4

    What kind (genre preferably) of music do you primarily listen to? Why? Punk rock, shit rock, sludge metal, doom metal, stoner rock, 80s and 90s pop. To be honest, I kinda feel silly listing genres since I like whatever I like, be it whatever kind of genre, but I suppose those come close to what I listen to on a regular basis.

    Do you value lyrics over the musical content? Or visa versa? Both, really. It just depends. There are some bands/musicians where the lyrics are what you spot out when listening, then there are bands like The Melvins and The Cocteau Twins where the lyrics are pretty much indecipherable but the vocals serve as another musical instrument.

    How do you think this music reflects upon you as a person? Like a sunbeam reflecting off of a mirror and into the stratosphere. (heh, i dunno. Just felt like typing that.)

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