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Thread: 360 vs PS3

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    I've got PS3. Funny, because I'd asked my brother a little earlier on which of the two is compatibly better - and he thought the 360 is specifically for the purpose of better war-related gameplay. The PS3, on the other hand, is abit more all-round compatible, except when you compare it's controller with that of the 360, where the PS3's does offer a good hand-on challenge, the 360's is simply designed for a more suitable war-related gameplay. Same with the graphics. So, ideally, the 360 is better (for me) as I'm totally into war-related games, and want that added compatibility. Any thing that could refine performance does for me. However, I think I'm gonna stick with the PS3. The fact that it's controller is a little harder than that of the 360 only makes it a little greater exercise, and I've gotten used to it, any way, more-or-less.

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    Both ftw.
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    360 blows. I've owned two, bought one in january 2008 and it red-ringed in november 2009 (and I'm not even a frequent gamer). Tore it open and jury-rigged it which made it last another month. Bought a used one which then lasted about 4-5 months (my stupid mistake). I know the hardware is more advanced but why the fuck is an original NES console out-living a 360? I don't know how they handled the 360 S or whatever it's called, but microsoft really went cheap on the way the 360s cooled themselves.

    I'd buy another console or PC but I doubt I'd feel it was worth the money. I now have reduced all gaming activity to table-top RPGs and Happy Wheels, the best flash game on the internet, which I have played about everyday for the past 5 months or so.

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    PS3 - I think has better exclusive games, though those are few and far between honestly. The fact that it plays blue rays is give or take, I've never been all cockhard about HD this and that.. as long as it looks good I'm fine. The social network seems much smaller, but at least it's free.
    Xbox - I think is more involved. The achievements system is made for the social circles of the network, which plenty of people are willing to pony up the money to use. It has a lot MORE things available to it, and a lot more to do, so I think if you're looking for versatility the xbox is the way to go. the kinect seems simple and its easy to use, and they have attachments for smaller spaces now, so there's the whole 'dont be lazy' gaming edge to it. I don't think the move for the PS3 is as inexpensive as the Xbox's kinect.
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