One of the reasons I visit this forum is because it is full of successful or smart people. Well, at least more than my desert village consists of.

So why not benefit from all the knowledge you people have to offer.

I am currently looking for a math tutor (who I may be willing to pay), if they can teach me the content of my course over the next six weeks. Time being the main factor in this deal. I need someone who can teach a LOT of material...quickly. Also, if anyone knows how (AND I KNOW YOU DO!) I need someone to teach me how to make a video production. Like for a presentation half power point/ media, half spoken.

I think this thread can be useful for seasoned students to share their knowledge with the little newbs like myself. And most importantly, everyone is doing it.

Others post your needs or talents here. People who can meet my needs, please PM me or hit me up via chat.

That is all.