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Thread: Rationale...BLEH! HAH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samuel De Mazarin View Post
    and maybe one day I'll shit out a book which'll make some people think, "Wow! God!", other people think, "Wow! Fucking Loser!", and still other people think, "Wha?"
    Yeah, I'm in that last group. But if I keep it on the back of my toilet, and read it in spurts (no pun intended), then I might just finish it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    Everyone, it strikes me that we may be facing some cultural disconnect here. Carolyn's blunt, confrontational approach may appear rude to us, but I'm told it's a common German mode of expression, and not to be taken as hostile.

    So let's not interpret her posts as being hostile just yet.

    EDIT: We can decide she's being hostile when she does something overt... like, say, invading Belgium.
    I always thought it made more sense to invade Switzerland and steal their gold.

    The most bothersome aspect is simply when someone new barges onto the scene and lays waste without studying the landscape for a bit first. But maybe that's just an extrovert thing. It's just alien to me to leap in like that and say things without first doing some recon -- and if I do decide to leap in without recon and make a big gaff, I don't take it personally when someone slaps me, it's just a "my bad" situation because I knew I might be wrong/inappropriate and so I back out. But maybe that's still just partly my personal preference/approach to all this.

    Anyway, in the Big Scheme, not a big deal.
    People say their pieces.
    Things get hashed out.
    People get passed the initial conflict... hopefully.
    Life goes on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alcea Rosea View Post
    I agree.
    Don't mess with NT's.
    They are cruel people.
    They scare me.

    ^^^actually a mask for this -->

    bwa ha ha.
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    ^ I will admit that sometimes I'm scared of other ENTPs. They can be very forthright in a way that's often not necessary. INTPs are more chilled out. If I could change my type I'd be an INTP... they also seem to get more shit done, though that's not supposed to be part of their profile (right?)... I mean, I figure since they're less interested in what other people think of them, like ENTP's do, they end up doing more with their crazy ideas than ENTPs.
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