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Thread: Any MBTI sites with subpar/misguided information out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Flak View Post
    A great deal of understanding descriptions, I think, has to do with the author's type. Joe Butt is INTP, so his descriptions make a lot of sense to me. Not to mention I fall on the behavior side of type study.
    Ah, that explains it. To know what it's like from the other side, try to imagine what it would be like if all type theorists preferred Sensing, and most of the people who wrote books on type and composed websites were all ISFPs. Yo'ud be forced to learn about what it's supposedly like being an INTP from the viewpoint of a bunch of ISFPs. Scary, huh?

    Speaking of which, it's no wonder the INTPs like Keirsey more than I do -- he's an INTP too, so naturally he's going to be more accurate when describing his own preferences. At least Linda Berens (INTP also) takes a lot of care to avoid the trap of coloring the descriptions with her preferences.


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    It's only fair, though. INTPs have horrible social skills, so we need all the understanding we can get from books. :o

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    See, there's this site MBTI Central, and -- hey! Ouch! Leggo!

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