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    Default Voice tone and cognitive functions

    Just found it:

    What do you think?
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    i've been told i have Ne and Fi vocal tone qualities before.

    Ne for being heavily inflected, Fi for sounding emotionally invested. this is interesting.

    i was also told my movements seemed very Ne. like i move my head around a lot when i talk and kind of bounce around...
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    It depends largely on when, where, and to whom I am speaking.

    The less I can say to make my point, the better. My head tends to stay still, my gaze will focus down or to the side rather than on the face of who I am speaking to so that I can focus on collecting my thoughts and articulating them in an accurate and precise manner. While my head will not move much, my hands will often gesture to articulate concepts or objects to which I am referring, as though I were drawing an illustration or diagram in front of me to better illustrate my words.

    I don't like being made to repeat myself, although I am happy to rearticulate at times.

    I've been told my voice is monotone at times. However, if I get really excited about something, I can speak miles a minute and my voice can become much more animated, "alive"

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    Yup, this actually holds true for myself. I've been told my voice sounds very emo Fi and emotionally charged in a subtle sort of way.Which I'd actually never realized before, I've always thought I sounded like an emotionless robot because I'm not all ostentatiously expressive with my voice, but now that I think about it, I agree I think my emotions seep through my voice in a much more subtle way. I think the faded part is actually also true, I don't know about the round part though, or what they mean by that really.

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    I think I relate mostly to the Se.

    Edit: some Te too. I know I come off as Te to others....but I always forget that I'm mono-toned sounding :/
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    I speak in a very "Fe" manner. I use a lot of vocal inntonation to highlight the weight of what I am trying to say. I'm like the opposite of monotone.
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    I dunno how my tone is, but i'd be curious to see if they matched any of those. I'm not sure anyone will a hundred percent, though. we should have people speak and see which function they sound like
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Jung described what you describe for Ne being indicative of Ti

    He said they make poor teachers, because their mind is never not engaged with the material they are presenting

    I can really strike a precise phrasing ("The articulation!" was once proclaimed after a particular utterance of mine), but for the most part, my stories and proverbs are twisted wrecks of thought. The only regular consensus (among my thoughts as well) is that I'm Ti.

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    I think my voice is somewhere between Ni and Fi. It has some affect, but it's not apparent or easy to pick up on.

    EDIT: Actually, I think I sound NiTe vocally. So INTJ?

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    A friend of mine made a voice recording of me (she had to make an interview to analyse someone linguistically). I'll just take it and check it out! It'll be interesting...

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