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Thread: Your type and other functions

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    @AffirmitiveAnxiety that's fine. I agree on your second paragraph, but I was wondering if a type could end up liking a function out of his function hierarchy out of the way of his values. It seems to happen sometimes, but I'm just wondering what the MBTI theory has on this.

    Your third paragraph I also agree with, but makes me wonder if we are our types because we would enjoy those functions most to begin with. I use other functions in influence of Fi, Ne, etc, but I've been developing (and trying to) others just for the sake of it (though I wasn't like "I'm going to develop Ti!" but more like "I'm going to learn how to build a computer", etc). I think if the ego was built up a bit more it could probably be harder to use other functions.
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    Sure, it isn't out of the ordinary. MBTI is in the end a guideline, not a commandment set in stone.

    I'm an ISTJ but because of the nature of the industry I'm entering (Creative/Design) I learnt how to tone down my Si and develop my Ne to a certain extent in order get by. In the end I think it depends more on the environment you are in rather than your intention when it comes to developing your lesser functions. For example there was a period in my life when I went through great emotional upheavals, and had to take care of an ISFP (my mother) whose Fi was in overdrive, and I learnt to develop my neglected Fi in response to open up a path of communication. However now that the ISFP has passed on, my awareness of Fi has dwindled- further accelerated by the increased presence of an ISTx (my father).

    However this doesn't mean that my Fi has disappeared entirely, or that it has devolved. It is still around, but not as relevant to the current state of my life as it was before. I still retain my memories of its usage, and what it feels like but in the decision making process, as an ISTJ: Si and Te naturally hold more sway than Fi to me, and thus unless circumstances dictate otherwise, I will simply revert to what I feel most comfortable with.

    Just imagine your functions as your limbs for example. Generally, everyone has a preference for their right or left hand. This is the same for functions. Now whether right or left, hands can do pretty much the same things, but people find it easier to use one for certain specific activities and when forced to use the other, find it draining and have to expend a lot more energy and effort to achieve the same effect.

    This isn't to say that you won't enjoy developing or using your inferior functions, it can be very rewarding and satisfying, but you will never be able to wield it with the same natural ease and finesse as you would with your dominant. Your dominant will always be your first, gut reaction- the function you resort to without conscious thought...trauma notwithstanding it will not change in hierarchy no matter how much you develop your other functions. It is always there, like a shadowy puppet master, dictating how you use and approach the other weaker functions.

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