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Ochaco Uraraka [ENFP] - How shes uses Ne and Fi aux over Fe and Si aux as an NFP girl


Feb 21, 2013
Ochaco MBTI ENFP - Boku No Hero Academia MBTI

Ochaco Uraraka ENFP - My Hero Academia MBTI

Ochaco is bubbly, curious, energetic, scatter-brained, fun loving ENFP that's bad with details and loves new ideas and being in her imagination and sees possibilities everywhere with her dom Ne. I'm gonna start off by explaining in my opinion Ochaco's Fi and Te and differentiate how she's a clear ENFP in my opinion and how ESFJ makes no sense for her at all in my opinion again. Stick around and read below for my points why she uses Fi and Te as an ENFP for Ochaco and then I'll explain her Ne dom and Si inferior next in the post.

She struggles with her Fi inner values and sensitivity and strong inner emotiosn to everything all the time and tries to hide her inner deep Fi emotions and values from others, she fails to do so as her Fi inner emotions leak out and show when she can't supress them. People often mix this up with Fe but it's not its Fi. Fi users struggle with expressing themselves and sometimes get often shy moments where their inner Fi emotions leak out and become obvious to others that there feeling strongly and embarrased about something with their inner Fi emotions, but despite this leakage of Fi emotions its still hard to tell what their actually thinking and feeling inside. We see Ochaco go through this Fi conflict with trying to hide her inner Fi deep emotions toward fighting Bakugo and keeping her feelings on fighting him to herself as a Fi aux user and not really sharing her feelings with others more often like Fe users do. Some Fe users might keep emotions to themselves too like INFJs often do but they still are more open to opening up a bit more often and frequent and more often than Fi users like INFPs and ISFPs. And definitely ESFJs are gonna show and talk to people about things on there mind more often and Ochaco does not do that here at all the whole entire sports festival as a ENFP herself and Fi user too, she bottles up with inner Fi feelings inside and tries to not have anyone worry about her and deals with and battles with her inner Fi values and feelings on the matter and trouble all by herself, this also explains the whole ENFPs and ENTPs are the most introverted extroverts stereotype here as Ochaco is showing clear introverted extroverts signs and moments here as an ENFP as she introverts into her Fi aux as an ENFP as they often do, she acts just like an ENFP Ruby in this way from RWBY. Ochaco acts just like her with Ruby another ENFP girl who puts her hand around her chest and feels strongly about something with her Fi, Sailor Moon Usagi another ENFP does the exact same thing Ochaco and Ruby both do here as well. Her Fi values hold onto helping her parents, being useful to her friends and protecting them, and comparing herself to Midoriya and wanting to be just like him and idealizing him with her Fi and NF idealism to and some of these moments mix in her Si holding onto the past and past events and details as well, which makes sense as this is a common dynamic between Fi and Si users that have both functions in their stack. Their inner Fi values feeling strongly about things and Si holding onto past experiences and promises they will do no matter what a long with Fi believing in those past promises to and adding them to their inner values to live by no matter what, Fi aux in Ochaco and Si inferior in Ochaco too. Ochaco is very empathectic towards others with her Fi and feels strong Fi inner feelings about things with her aux Fi and lives by her Fi inner aux values with everything she does and experiences in life, definitely Fi aux ENFP with Ochaco here. Also Fi user are strongly empathectic and care strongly for others and their loved ones and other people too, this isn't just Fe users just care for others strongly, Ochaco is not feeling the emotional state of people all the time and caring about society values, respect, and manners a lot in a uptight Fe dom way, she's easygoing, spontaneous, unorganized and laid back and follows her inner values and strong Fi emotions inside as a ENFP and aux Fi user clearly in my opinion here with her and her actions in the story.

Ochaco is Te user, she's efficient with the things she cares about, bossy and commanding, peppy and full of spunk, and loves getting goals done in a logical manner sometimes often as a tertiary Te user and focuses on efficiency with again the things she cares about and the situations there always in as a team in the show and series. The entire sports festival she's giving orders with her Te and telling them what goal they accomplished and being a happy go lucky positive ENFP saying things like we did it now onto the next one, everyone come on, lets do this and try our best! "Then let's go! We can get the points back for sure, I know it Deku!" "Don't give up, we can do this, c'mon lets go!" Ochaco is goal oriented with her Te and efficient with her Te as well. She bottles up her inner Fi emotions towards Deku and uses her Te to be efficient and focus completely on her goals and getting things done and moving forward as a hero and logically ignores her her inner Fi feelings for Deku that she struggles so hard to express as a Fi users and idealistic and overly romantic ENFP girl, her Te helps her clear up face and tears and say "No, I have to focus on my goals! And ignore Deku emotionally and hide my feelings for him and advance toward my goals!" This is what Ochaco is thinking when she looks at him outside the window and then bottles up her Fi inner emotions and focuses on her Te efficiency and goals for the future, we also see her future oriented Ne here as well. All this Ne and Te shows her practical down to earth side too which is possible in ENFPs as well even though she's overall still very idealistic as I mentioned before as an insanely idealistic NF for Ochaco as an ENFP here that I mentioned in examples earlier already. People forget she's a high school student and little girl, she's not gonna be this crazy unrealistic ENFP like Luffy trying to be Pirate King or something here, its a entirely different show and people here. Deku gets praise because he's a relatable INFJ protagonist in My Hero Academia, he's idealistic as a NF too by has a practical down to earth side to him as well and relate to him just being a normal guy with normal troubles like us as normal humans in real life, he's a normal guy with normal problems and troubles that's trying to be the number one hero and gets nervous and scared like normal people do but tries to be brave as he can be despite it, does this make him a S or ISFJ? No, that logic is ridiculous, Deku in my opinion and many others uses Ni dom and Fe aux and is very idealistic as a NF at the very least, its the same thing with Ocacho here as a idealistic NF and ENFP girl just with a practical down to earth side and backstory. NFPs and NFs can be practical and down to earth too but usually there NF idealism still shows still anyway just like I explained with all the idealistic and overly romantic innocent and idealistic pure moments Ochaco has shown time and time again with her idealistic love for Deku as an NF and NFP or her idealism to keep moving forward no matter what.

And her ideals she lives by comparing herself to him and thinking about all the people she wants to help and inner Fi values she lives by and her Ne driving her forward to her future goals and possibilities she sees all the time as an Ne dom ENFP for herself. Goals and efficiency as a Te tertiary user with the things she cares about is just a big part of Ochaco and her character and giving bossy Te orders to others in a positive and uplifting way to help people in situations stay focused and work towards their goals in a tough situation is clear Te bossyness towards others focusing on the goal and task at hands and caring about efficiency in every situation she and others get in and show her clear Te ter efficiency and task orientation, her NF and ENFP idealism and never giving up and her Ne seeing a possibility always to win and succeed and her Te efficiency tertiary going for it and going for the goal and task at hand and tryin to efficiently get the task and goal done at all costs as your typical never give up positive and optimistic happy go lucky ENFP, "We can do this! I know we can! Let's go and get it done! Don't give up everyone! I'll do my best too!" Classic ENFP lines and statements from Ochaco here and these lines and style things she says shows her Ne, Fi, Te, and Si inferior all in different ways as an ENFP in her. Ochaco is not a Ti user and doesn't care about Ti logical accuracy and inconsistencies or struggle with it as a inferior, she struggles with Si and details and memory and she's a clear Te user caring for efficiency sometimes a lot with the things she cares about as a Te tertiary user and goes after her goals with spunk and enthusiasm and tries to stay on task often when she can as a Te ter user and optimistic and positive task and goal oriented ENFP for Ochaco here

Ochaco is a Ne dom and sees possibilities everywhere in every situation with her Ne and optimism as a happy go lucky ENFP bubbly and innocent NFP girl. She takes her internship because she sees multiple possibilities opening up to her with her dom Ne, this is not Ne ter coming out in her this is definitely dominant Ne in Ochaco here as an ENFP girl. She's always daydreaming and thinking about the future with her Ne. She's spontaneous, not detail oriented, airheaded, has her head in the clouds, very laid back, not uptight at all like most SFJ women are known for even if not all of them are always uptight, but most of them are nitpicky and detail oriented with most SFJ women and Ochaco is not like this at all with her laid back attitude and spontaneous nature and behavior to her as a perceiver and NFP girl herself here as an ENFP. She's imaginative, brainstorms new possibilities and new ideas all the time, is very indecisive with her Ne, and laughs at jokes about people she sees, she gets into her imagination and copies other students that argue a lot and reimagines them fighting and debating among each other with her Ne dom behavior, she spits up rainbows, is very innocent and naive, idealistic, picked her internship again because it would open up a ton of new possibilities for her again, clear Ne dom in her, she comes up with unique ideas all the time and loves new ideas with her Ne and gets really excited about them. She's scatter-brained and random and always talks fast and jumps from topic to topic and to the next idea in her head and mind and loves to be curious about everything around her and meeting new people.

She holds onto the past a lot and loves making convictions and promises with her Si inferior. She feels bad for her parents and vows to help them and holds onto this promise to herself she made with her Fi and Si both here. Get's worked up with her Fi inner deep emotions and Si conviction promise and feeling like she failed to do it and fulfill innocently and cries to her parents on the phone for not succeeding she thinks in helping them. Ochaco is very forgetful and not detail oriented at all, she misses details when coming up with a new idea a lot and has to work on it. When people tell her to describe people like All Might she brainstorms with her Ne and tries to remember with her Si inferior and struggles to bring up a description right then and there. She compares herself to Deku and herself often with her Si. She wants her parents to be secure with her Si inf too but she struggles with security herself as an ENFP and is impulsive and reckless sometimes that she deeply regrets after the action already took place as Ne user and impulsive perciever herself in her. She misses details and is not very organized or detail oriented at all and prefers to be excited by new ideas and come up with new ideas as well with her Ne and imagination and the possibilities she sees everywhere. She also holds onto the past in unhealthy ways and holds onto the past strongly as a Si inferior user and ENFP.

Ochaco was also listed as ENFP in this video list of ENFP Anime characters, I agree with most of this list except Natsu Dragoneel is ESFP for sure and the first guy is probably ESFP too. But everyone else here is ENFP I would say confidently though, check out the video down below if your interested:

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