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Downton Abbey


New member
Mar 11, 2013
The Dowager Countess - ESTJ
Lord Grantham - ISxJ (he shows no particular preference, he exhibits traits of both. I think he's in the middle of the Thinking versus Feeling spectrum!)
Lady Grantham - ESFJ
Lady Mary Crawley - ENTJ (she has some particularly INFJ moments, though)
Lady Edith Crawley - ESFP (she acts like an ISFJ sometimes)
Lady Sybil Crawley - INFP (her Fi + Ne are off the roof. Series 1 is her Ne series and the other two are entirely Fi for her)
Matthew Crawley - INFJ
Isobel Crawley - ENFJ
Tom Branson - ENTP (he seems like a feeler sometimes, though)
Lady Rose - ESFP
Richard Carlisle - ENTJ
Lavinia - ISFJ

Carson - ISTJ, Enneagram type 5
Mrs. Hughes - ISFJ
Bates - INFJ
Anna - ENFP
Gwen - INFP
Daisy - ISFP
William - ISFP
Thomas - ESFP who acts like an INTJ
O'Brien - INTJ
Ethel - ESFP

I adore DA! It's my favourite TV show :)


New member
Mar 11, 2013
I've changed my mind about Edith - I think she might be ESFJ. She has very strong Fe.


New member
Apr 9, 2014
Instinctual Variant
Well of course I couldn't leave this one alone! :D
Here's my take:
The Dowager Countess: ESTJ
Robert Crawley:ISFJ
Cora Crawley:ESFJ
Mary Crawley: ExTJ
Edith Crawley:ISFJ
Sybil Crawley: INFP
Matthew Crawley:INFP
Tom Branson: ENTP
Isobel Crawley:ENFJ
Lady Rose: Poster girl for ESFPs!
Lavinia: ISFJ

Carson:ISTJ (I love Carson! <3
Mrs.Hughes: ISTP (she accepts change much easier then Mr.Carson, and often has to guide him through it.)

John Bates: INFJ (he is a sweetie, but he has a dark side)
Anna: INFP
Daisy: ISFP
Mrs.Patmore: ESFx
Gwen: INFx
Thomas: INTJ
O'Brian: INTJ
Mr. Mosley: ISFP
Baxter: not sure yet


So she did.
Feb 8, 2013
Instinctual Variant
Enough MBTI, can we talk Enneagram in regards to these beloved characters? Here are my educated guesses, I've added explainations to some for why I typed them as I did.


Violet Crawley - 1 or 6. We know that she's s traditionalist, but is it because "it's right" or because "it's safe"?

Robert Crawley - 6w7. He is all about the authority of the noble class, and fearful of it's passing. Responds in a counter-phobic way in many situations, especially in regards to politics, and change (which he is fearful of). He also seems to feel a large amount of responsability to his ancestors and family in his efforts to save Downton.

Cora Crawley - 9w1. Constantly a peacemaker in the household, and very rarely engaging in conflict of her own. She's very calm under pressure and is involved in several emergency situations that reveal her calm nerves and quick mind. Charming in an agreeable way, I believe she displays integration to 3 pretty regularly in the show. Her 1 wing comes in to play in the way she has handled deceit or wrongdoing in her household with servants, with firm and decisive action.

Mary - 3w4. Image focus, desiring to be the best in a variety of ways, and willingness to be false and deceive where necessary. The exchange between her and Mabel Lane Fox in a recent episode (s5, e6) is a great example of this-- Mary says she is dying to ride astride in the horse race, and Miss Fox asks why she doesn't. "Not in front of my Grandmother" (image, appearing to be what she's not. Forsaking the "heart's desire"). Mabel says she surprises her and that she seems to know just what rules she's willing to break, and what not. Also the comment in this episode that she doesn't "believe in letting others win."

Edith - 4w3 So/Sp. Sees herself as a suffering victim, largely disintegrating to 2 much of the series. Feels inherently different than her sisters and that they (and everyone) have all the happiness she never will. A couple of scenes in which she and Branson bond over their differentness come to mind. She is very sensitive, often having her feelings hurt and storming out in a huff (dramatic). Her healthiest moments come when expressing herself through writing, and standing on her own two feet through her career.

Sybil - 9w8 Sx. Calm, gentle and intuitive but also firm, action oriented and not afraid to break the mold.

Rose McClaire - 7w8 So/Sx. Spontaneous and carefree, sometimes to the point of recklessness. One of the characters in the show who is thrilled about change and is fully immersed in it. Her 8 wing is most visible through her vengeful feelings towards her mother, and her fearless independence.

Aunt Rosalind Crawley - 1w2. Rigid and tends to respond with defensiveness and anger. Appalled by anything morally unsound or lack of adherence to decorum-- Rose's outing to a speakeasy while in London, Edith's pregnancy, etc. Counts herself as an authority, even to a hypocritical extent (telling Edith what to do in regards to her child, though she has never been a mother herself).

Matthew Crawley - 7w6. Often healthily integrating to 5, Matthew has a head for business and law. Comfortable with change and entertaining different perspectives (variety), he often takes the more progressive stance.

Isabelle Crawley - 1 or 8?

Thomas Branson - 8w9. Coming from an unjust and humble Irish background, his survival instincts have always been necessary. He is direct with his opinions and feelings but has a kind heart. As the series goes, his integration to 2 becomes much more apparent as his relationship with the Crawleys becomes more affectionate and less of a power struggle.


Carson - 1w2

Mrs. Hughes - 6w5. She is always in the know about everything, prepared for the worst and shows deep love and compassion for those she works with. One of the most loyal to the family of our downstairs characters, and also to her family-- as we later learn she uses all of her income to support her ill sister. Her five wing is pretty apparent in her observation skills, and gift for discretion. She tends to put two and two together quickly.

Mrs. Patmore - 2w1. Self sacrificial towards others, picking up work so others can go on outings, etc. but often during meal preparations reminds everyone who is doing all the work (her).

Thomas - 3w4 his main goal is to win, and he will do anything to achieve it. He resents his social class and is a true ladder climber, trying to get in the good graces of the Lord and Lady at any opportunity (but thinking I'll of them behind their backs). He's also very deceitful, lying more times than we can count to put others in a dark light, or trick others into doing things that hurt them in the end. He is deeply wounded, and full of shame over his sexual identity-- sometimes reveling in this, other times desperate to change himself to be "like other men".

John Bates - 5w6. Extremely observant and intelligent, skilled in a variety of ways that have developed to ensure survival (integrating to 8)-- forgery, slight of hand, and general knowledge of others and his surroundings.

Anna Bates - 9w1. Generally calm and caring to those around her, serves practically as Mary's therapist. Disintegrates to 6 under stress in the rape plotline, becoming passively fearful and anxious.

Daisy - 6w7. Reactive and free with her opinions. Loyal to those she likes, and judgmental prickly to those she doesn't. Naive at times.

Mr. Mosley - 7w6. Goofy, dissatisfied but resigned to a life in service out of loyalty to his family (to support them).

Miss Baxter - 5w4. Both shame filled and and self loathing, empathetic but strong emotionally. She's also ridiculously observant, this gift is the reason Thomas brings her to Downton to begin with.


New member
Aug 7, 2014
I haven't watched the series for very long, but these are some of the definite conclusions I have arrived at

Robert Crawley- INTJ (I can't believe that no one sees this.)

Cora Crawley- ISFP

Mary Crawley- ESTP

Edith Crawley- INFP

Violet Crawley- ENTP

Isobel Crawley- ENFP

Tom Branson- INFP

Thomas Barrow- INFJ

Mrs. Patmore- ISFJ


New member
Mar 23, 2015
Thomas Barrow- INFJ

Interesting! Finally a different idea! Most ppl type him INTJ, & some others say ENTP.
But I'm not sure!

First of all, I think he's really hard to type, cuz he's had lots of problems.

Also he has experienced difference, rejection, betrayal loneliness, etc. & he's gay...perhaps the only Downton Abbey gay...& he lives with lots of straight ppl who experience love/relationship there.

He has to hide that & be careful about who he is, his emotions & fears should be hidden, Cuz those days, being gay or even talk about it was a taboo, & even disgusting to most ppl.

While most ppl there can openly fall in love, start relationships etc, he has to keep his emotions private, & he probably feels guilty about it sometimes.
He also gets jealous!

So, he's kind of depressed, mysterious & reserved. & I've read lots of topics that claim some depressed ppl tend to mistype themselves INTP/J (I'm not saying all INTP/Is are depressed!)


& about his type;....I really don't know, but ;

He likes sensory hobbies & veriety ! But when he's in Downton, he can't really do anything & has to deal with conservative lifestyle there! (Se)

He's good at sports (Se)

He often thinks/worries about future & plans for it (Ni)

I'm not sure about his judging functions though, but in general he doesn't sound like a complete T type,...he has emotions, he sometimes wants to know about ppl & be loved/accepted by them (Fe) but he keeps his emotions private (Fi)

So I think a depressed version of ISTP, or maybe even INFJ

Any other ideas?


Active member
Jun 26, 2014
Watched the movie cus my wife forced me. Loved it. Later realized there is a series too. Been in love with it since.

Burning Paradigm

Vibe Curator & Night Owl
May 16, 2020
Instinctual Variant
Just finished this series; what an amazing trip!

Some of my preliminary typings:

Robert - ISFJ 1w2 > 6w5 > 2w1 so/sp
Cora - ESFJ 9w1 > 6w7 > 2w3 so/sp
Mary - ENTJ 3w4 > 6w5 > 1w9 so/sp
Edith - ISFP 4w3 > 6w5 > 9w8 so/sp
Sybil - INFP 9w8 > 7w6 > 4w3 sx/sp
Violet - ESTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 3w4 so/sp

Branson- ENTP 8w7 > 2w3 > 7w6 sx/sp (second-hardest to type, mainly due to Enneagram fixes; MBTI more certain)
Bates- ISFJ 5w6 > 9w1 > 2w3 sp/sx
Barrow - ISFP 3w4 > 6w5 > 8w9 sp/sx (probably the most difficult character to type, so take this with several German mines worth of salt)
Anna- ESFJ 9w1 > 2w1 > 6w7 so/sx
Carson- ISTJ 1w9 > 6w5 > 2w1 so/sp
Mrs. Hughes- ISTJ 6w5 > 1w9 > 3w4 sp/so
Mrs. Patmore- ESTJ 2w1 > 6w5 > 8w9 sp/so
Daisy- ISFP 6w7 > 4w3 > 9w8 so/sx
Molesley - ISFJ 6w5 > 2w3 > 9w1 sp/so