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    I've been through some hectic and rich experiences in the past 2 months, but they allowed me to learn more about myself and my natural/subconscious reactions to many situations. So I think this will provide additional important data to identifying my type.

    Whenever faced with a problem or a new task:
    My first primary response is to ignore the surface part of the problem, and attack the core. If my responsibility is to learn using a new mechanical machine, I'm focused on identifying the inner-workings of that machine, which goes beyond my responsibilities. But that's simply because I instantly feel, upon encountering the problem, that I won't be able to solve it until I figure out the mechanism underneath it. That mechanism can either be physical or digital (digital, if I'm required to work with electronic information)
    I tend to become very stubbornly fixated on finding the "core"/"center" of everything, because I feel safer and most masterful if the core reveals itself to me.

    Whenever encountering new people:
    1. My initial response is extreme carefulness/caution, I give the person opportunity to show all of his colors, without my interference, I choose the role of a spectator, with minimal participation in the encounter.
    2. My second response is to sort everything I managed to spot/note about the person, both logically and emotionally, and identify its benefit to me.
    3. The main and most interesting stage, is that, rather than prioritize finding ways to become closer with said person, I prioritize finding his weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes I go as far as compiling a personal dossier on every new person I have to meet or work with. Somehow this provides me with a sense of confidence and empowerment, that in case I need to surpass/defeat/avoid that person, I will have all of the necessary data to achieve that.
    4. After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the person, and imagining how I could potentially use them in potential situations, I start determining ways to earn said persons' trust, and best ways to hide my instrumental opinions/goals in regard to said persons.

    My value system:
    1. Initially I felt like I had no values whatsoever and had to rely on external systems to determine my moral code. But I've come to realize that I have a relatively strong, yet at the same time very eccentric, system of values, which I become less inclined to reveal, and more inclined to stubbornly pursue/implement, without revealing them to the public.
    2. However, despite my stubborn attachment to my values and life philosophy, I still have the tendency to firstly assume I'm wrong when accused of being wrong... however, after some days or weeks of thought/doubt, self-reflection and analysis, I return to my initial stubborn position on my personal values.

    When placed into a new group:
    I view every social group, and social interaction as a whole, also as a "problem". So my initial response is to "solve" the group, find the leaders, find the weakest links, and plan ways to succeed the group and "rise above it". I will inevitably (eventually) contest the leader's position, seek to take his place, and then use that as a stepping stone to rise above, even if that means abandoning the group.
    I can easily spot people who are obsessed with power, but there are those who seek power to feel comfortable about themselves, use it for narcissistic reasons. I have a deep urge to seek power, for the sake of the journey itself. My sense of self-value depends on how high I can climb. I'd never be satisfied with holding one position (no matter how weak or powerful it is) for the rest of my life. Continuously climbing the ladder, until there's no steps left, is far more exciting and worth living.

    Revealing information about myself:
    During my teen-hood and early adulthood (15-24), I was quite impulsive about leaking my personal information (exposing my hobbies, interests, pursuits, goals), but at the age of 27 I'm becoming more secretive about myself, and on purpose. It would be far more difficult to find out stuff about me even if due effort would be placed. Maybe I've started to feel like, even on a subconscious level, that the less information you reveal, the more in control you are and the more options you have at your disposal in crisis situations.

    How I approach work:
    I've learned that I dislike working with things that require a lot of precision. I excel the most in the world of "approximation", unconventional problems, creative troubleshooting methods, adaptability and change. I like to venture into places where nobody else had been to. And figuring something out nobody had figured out before, gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and pleasure.

    I very much desire high status, and for some reason it's connected to gaining and officer (CO) rank. It doesn't matter to me whether I'd forever carry the rank of a lieutenant, captain, major, or else, but having an officer rank (no matter how low or high) is extremely important to me. Social statuses connected to money or politics, however, are less interesting to me. Probably because I consider them feeble, less stable, and unable to transcend the fabric of time. (while officer ranks are timeliness, they're almost like aristocratic titles)

    I tend to suffer a lot from perfectionist streaks. If I'm buying and/or wearing something, it has to be of the finest quality. One of our family's friends' recently joked about me, saying "that guy never buys cheap things". And that's concerning I tend to keep the real value of the things I buy/wear a deep secret (somehow saying that I spent a lot feels embarrassing to me), but at the same time, I want people to see the effort I put into finding/choosing the best possible quality in all of the things I have. Same goes for my endeavors at work and in art. I want to put a little bit more effort into things, than other people usually do, to ensure that all my results are just a tiny bit better and of finer quality, than everyone else's.

    A choleric:
    I'm definitely a choleric, I move fast, I talk fast, I'm slim, I'm slightly aggressive/jumpy/rough in my movements.

    When in a big disagreement, I never back down, and I tend to remember all offenses to my grave.
    I try to defeat the person not merely through stubborn and incessant arguing, but also by giving them the blood-thirsty stare (and it tends to work). Defeating me in an argument is virtually impossible, and that's considering I hate arguing.
    I am extremely stubborn and feisty, but this quality doesn't show right away. As I was told, people are first led into a false sense of security by my calm and serene aura, quiet kindness, and "dreaminess". But when I feel like I need to stand up for myself or for someone else, all hell breaks loose.
    One friend that knows me well, compared my personality "taste" to a sweet peach mixed with ginger. "Looks sweet at first glance, but actually kicks hard and in the most unexpected of moments." - which tends to keep most people around me tense, as my pattern of sweet/aggressive behavior is very difficult to figure out. (and I don't think I'm able to figure it out myself either.)

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    You strike me as an INTJ, but I'd advise you not to place too much emphasis on typology if your intent is to use people as instruments first and foremost (an approach I do not condone). It is not an effective tool of manipulation due to, among others, weak retest reliability.
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    Overall you strike me as a INTJ 3w4 1w9 5w6 So/Sp.
    7w6 1w9 2w3 Saugine Pisces Sun,Libra Moon, Libra Rising

    My Dear Lady Lavender

    You are my heart and my soul and my love. You make me feel complete and whole. In my soul garden you are the prettiest sweetest little daisy there and yet the boldest rose at the same time. I love you so much princess <3.
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