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Thread: Art, Sex, Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by clueless View Post
    Aww, ya little softy, how sweet of you. Well alrighty then, we can do that, listen to one another, if you think it will help clarify some of the problems Im having. So where do we start? PM or something like that? I mean, we can't do it in this forum. Other people would get bored.
    Let 'em get bored - you're more important.

    And I think this is a good place - it is tolerant and well run - and there are many people here who will take an interest in you.

    You can talk to us and clarify some of the problems you are having.

    After all we also have our problems as well - not only would we like to listen to you, we would also like you to listen to us.

    Problems shared are problems halved, I am told.

    And joy shared seems to increase all by itself.

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    I used to think a lot about what art and writing are about, and you know what? I just got to a point where I decided to "just do it". You don't need to know, ahead of time, what it is about. Maybe you'll only know why you wanted to do it, after you do it. Maybe what it is all about will walk in through the back door and surprise you.

    Of course art is not just about sex and death. How very Freudian. As if Freud had the last word on everything that human beings can be and do. Freud was a fraud.

    Some people will just say things like that because it makes them feel superior to something that they really do not understand. Anybody who really knew a lot about art would be deeply interested in art. Anybody deeply interested in art would find it intolerable to put art into such a box.

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    This is why the SP forum should be renamed.
    No offense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6sticks View Post
    This is why the SP forum should be renamed.
    It took me locating a SP response to get the gist of this thread. My question is why is the topic is being placed in the SP forum until I did a double take on the name. You're right 6, thinking that Artisan has anything to do with art is a misnomer.

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