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    Default Convincing an ESTJ to change their mind?

    First time posting, so hello to all of you (waves).
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    Don't get emotional; I tune out people who argue from an emotional standpoint, no matter how good their points might be. It just rubs me as you're not in control of yourself and can't engage in a conversation.

    Give me facts, evidence, statistics, various third-party reports.

    Back off and give me space to review everything myself.

    Unless the situation demands a change of mind immediately, I want time to go through everything thoroughly and think about it. Being pressured to make a mental switch in the moment is very irritating.

    Generally speaking, if the discussion is approached without emotion at the onset, I'll consider my position and potentially changing it a LOT sooner.

    If emotion is involved, I want space before I make any decisions. I don't want to make a choice while still being pissed at having to deal with you and your hysterics.

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    Show him you are knowledgeful on the subject. Give him the impression you know a lot and are an authority on the matter.
    Having dealed with ESTJs for years, there's nothing they respect more than hierarchy. But be subtle in convincing him you are above him. Won't be hard, provided you truly are an ISTJ.

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