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    Talking ENTP - Career Advice Please - Science, Technology, Management

    This is my first post, I read through quite a few of the posts and was impressed with finally having found that there are people like me out there!!!

    I'll get straight to the point;

    I just finished my masters in clinical neuroscience, having previously completed a degree in psychology with neuroscience.

    I chose psychology because I was interested in understanding how people think, I then went towards neuroscience because I hated the fact that I could spend 10 years in the field of psych and not get anywhere - no theory is concrete or measurable!!

    Anyway, I have done a huge number of tests and I know I'm an ENTP now, the only problem is I don't want to go straight into, what would logically be, the next step in academia.

    My question, or challenge rather, is this;

    Is there a career that combines science, technology, and management?

    This would be my dream job, bearing in mind the need for change, project based work, etc etc. I don't want anything to do with law (previously recommended) and I was originally leaning towards medicine because I thought there was something wrong with me and that I should just be able to study for 5/6 more years.

    One example of somebody I met who successfully combined science with management was a professor i met on a course abroad -> he is a senior lecturer at a major European university AND he is also the manager for the neuro division with a UK pharmaceutical company!! The guy had two phones, everything he did was paid for, and he was genuinely having fun with life!

    Truth is I can't, I'm tired, I want to do something real.
    That said, I spent 6 months after completing my masters to get my dissertation project expanded and published academically so yes when I have interest, amazing things happen!

    Clearly I have a passion for science and technology, the management I don't have experience with, but I could do an MBA/MSc/X/Y/Z for a year
    Then again - would I even need it to make a start on the career path? That guy I met got to where he was first by doing a phD.. the problem I have with doing a phD is it means working my ass off on ONE project for 3 years..?!

    Thank you for any helpful advice/insight!! I'm glad I found you lot!!

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    incharge of an IPR law firm = management+technology+science+law.

    IRL whatever you do already has an element technology and management these days. now science is the only thing which is the odd one out. something "real" isnt teaching or studying more for sure in my books atleast..
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