I have found that it's not as much a mask as it is a functionality for attaining the most efficiency in interactions.

It's simple and readily available - many perspectives (Ne).

So, if I can speak to appeal to the receipient's angle, their language, I can cut through possible miscommunication and stagnation, and get to the heart of the matter.

For example, with my xSxx and my ESFJ best friends, I use a lot of practical, everyday examples as analogies for my theoretical ponderings. They *get* it, and respond more openly.

And, in return, I have gained, through practice, an invaluable skill....how to see things from many angles. All possible angles to seeing a 'truth'. I have increased my knowledge base and understood something that much more deeply, if I can find 10 more ways of explaining the same thing. And, this is why I don on my 'mask(s)'.