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    Well, just for the hell of it, here's what happens when I talk to ENTPs:

    (They're young so forgive them, but) their ideas are usually really big, wholistic, but really, really ill-defined. Sections of the whole pop up without warning and I really have to restrain myself from saying, "But, but, but... what are you talking about?" I know there's a "whole" somewhere in there, or at least a topic heading, and I exhaust myself either trying to get that main idea stated, or trying to ignore the main idea and keep playing with the fragments they toss out.

    Or, it's fun, lots of banter back and forth, usually ending with a stalemate and a sense of something missing.

    Both of these tend to turn me inward, which I figure is Fi whining to me about lack of resolution and camaraderie.

    Coz see, if I'm expressing my feeling at all, it's coming out as Te, and doing whatever Te does to create order, resolution, direction, whatever. But mostly I just get pwned. And, these ENTPs I know are teenagers. Gawd help me if I ever meet a capable and confident older version of the type.

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    LOL...that sounds like me three years ago...shit comes out but it makes sense to nobody but me...but its ok, the longer the ENTPs live, the more they realize that they have to put a filter somewhere between their brains and the mouths

    only if god gave us something that could control what came out of our mouths...but everyones not that lucky you know...

    hint: im sure camaraderie exists, or the ENTPs probably won't expose themselves to you that blatantly....if nothing else, they definitely respect your smarts

    I'm expressing my feeling at all, it's coming out as Te
    it does...maybe it was after observing you INTJs that someone came up with the whole actions speak louder than words thing

    sometimes when my INTJ and i get into those stupid arguments about what sock color is better, i always come out on the top
    so now sometimes, i intentionally make myself look like an idiot...funny thing is, she knows that and, i THINK, appreciates it...i guess she sees that as a reciprocation of her own Te

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