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    I live in an apartment in a big city, my neighborhood is very lively but my apartment is very quiet. Perfect! Before that I used to live across the road from a beach, that was wonderful too.

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    I cheated a little and am in a government-funded job and career center that gives room, board, food, etc. and all they want is for me to work on a career. Kind of like boarding school. In a major city to boot, because I still like people too much to live rural. Of course we all want a spouse that loves and respects us to make it all worth while.

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    In an apartment, with my family.

    I don't really know what would be my ideal place to live, probably in the middle of the city. I'd also love to have a house near the sea or in the mountains (it would be really beautiful), but I wouldn't stand just being so far away from the rest of the world.

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    I live in an appartment, alone in the north in a city suburb(?). I used to live in a similar setting while still living at home. I can still see trees from my window and there's a lake and a beach under a km from here. A leafy suburb I suppose, it's okay. I get to move around pretty easy, it's calm and a good area.

    I longed to live in a tree house for a long time. Or an old barn or a beacon, some place I could crash in when I'm home with nature around me etc. I do appreciate the easy access to different services (post office, stores, pharmacy) though.. And after living in a flat near Tokyo downtown for awhile I yern to go back there or into some other big city. I'd still need some trees or something around me though. Actually I'd like a bunch of flats like that so I could travel freely around and change scenary. I'd still want my real house and home to be somewhere in the countryside where there's a lake near me. I like the northern Europe more than southern Europe so I'd like to dwell here. The temperatures etc are better for me here.

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    my ideal place to live would be in a big open spaced, lake house, by some mountains with alot of natural life around me, with a small village nearby...=) ahh bliss...
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    I live (with my grandparents and brother) in a good neighborhood thats less than 2 streets away from a bad neighborhood in a massively populated city on the side of town with nothing to do.

    My ideal way to live would be being a trust fund baby in a mansion sleeping on a bed the size of my current house

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