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    I don't particularly hate specific types but I do have some that cautious around.

    ENTPs. Followed by ESTPs. That tertiary Fe is a sneaky bastard
    They lull you into a false sense of courteousness and security and then slice you open with that Ti-scalpel. I tend to keep my distance with those types till I can get at least some of their personality mapped out, so I can determine the potential pitfalls when interacting with them.

    ESFJs. I've known some awesomely mature ones, but I also know a few...more rigid ones. I seem to mostly make them uncomfortable because I don't really observe their ruleset as dutifully as they'd like..which sometimes leads to passive aggressiveness on their part, and sheer disdain. I can ruffle some feathers in STJs as well..but if I go slow, and adjust to their pace, they tend to be rather open and even a bit curious as to why I do the things I do. Worked with some really diligent ones (also one very mature ESFJ at that company, with which I had some serious emotional games going as he was a psychologist and good at his job ) at one of my previous jobs. You could always count on them and they knew their stuff through and through. The second ESFJ had a way of making me feel like a 5 year old she had to coddle to death though. And nothing ruffles my feathers faster, of course

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    I am most annoyed by ESTJ's because they are very blunt with their opinions and pretty controlling. At least all the ones I've met. ENTJ's bother me too for the same reasons, plus they all find reasons to try and change me. I'm okay with most other types though as long as they are good people. Worth mentioning are ISFJ, ESFP, and ESTP. They can get on my nerves at times but we get along in short bursts.

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