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    @Riva You were right. I did read your OP too hastily. It's in bounds of good taste, so I was being snarky. Sorry.
    I guess I can now serve as an example of a snarky INFJ
    and melodramatic

    But in other INFJs defense in all fairness I'm about alot spunkier and combating than the average INFJ.
    It's a personal shortcoming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winds of Thor View Post
    It's just too interesting how INFJs think they don't hurt people's feelings..

    They don't have any idea how badly they hurt others feelings (some of them, especially underdeveloped ones). How could they-they often stop at their personal perceptions inside without regard for opening their eyes and taking a look or even having the needed level of asking someone if or how bad they hurt them.

    Inner narcissism and INFJs should be a spin-off of this thread.
    Thank you.

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    Only one but the day isn't over, and I hunger for more.

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