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    I've never had 'major' depression but I have had milder forms which usually go away after a while (though I've had some short periods of meds too). I find that it happens when:

    1) I've had a lot of stress over a period of time. I manage to get through it just fine, then boom - I feel depressed when I've made it through. I read that it happens like that because lots of stress changes your body chemistry and you end up running on adrenaline and things get out of balance in your brain.

    2) Too much time alone, especially if I'm not physically active. I have to force myself to get out of the house, and exercise. I also force myself to get off the computer.

    3) Too many unmet goals. Nothing makes me feel worse than when I have several things that didn't get accomplished, goals I didn't meet, etc. I actually read about a connection between goal setting and depression. Bottom line - don't have unrealistic expectations. Acheive them or take them off the list.

    I also find that when I drink (love my wine!) and eat lots of sugary/and or refined-carby foods things are much worse. So if I'm in a funk, I cut all of that out and it really helps.

    The couple of times in my life where I've gotten to the point that it didn't just go away after a few weeks even though I've tried all my tricks, and I'm looking like a slob and not shaving my legs - then I go to the doctor.

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    thank you to everyone for your advice, and for your sympathy.

    It's rough now, but I guess it will deapen my depth of feeling..that's the way I look at hardships like these..

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    I feel like this a lot.
    4w5 sx/so/sp

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    I do suffer from bouts of depression. I think it stems from absorbing so much negative energy from different sources...either it's people upsetting me by dumping their problems my way, or it's worrying about our society, or something completely overlooked by most people. Weirdly enough, I'm also upset by music. If I'm in a dark mood, all I want to listen to is stuff like Joy Division, and bask in it. But I'm not a melancholy person by nature, so this weird optimism balances things out. As a child I'd have intense reactions to certain music - I'd start crying over a strain of music and have no idea why. Or I'd be scared...I was scared of "Also Sprach Zarathrustra" and would hide under the table if the song came on. My mom thought I was a weird kid. Hahahaha!

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