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Thread: Android O/S

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    Default Android O/S

    Just yesterday I managed, for the first time, to operate my Medion mobile phone. It is running Google Android operating system.

    It was a gorgeous sunny day as I finally got my mobile to work in our National Gallery looking over the eucalypts and the lake.

    However I would appreciate any advice on how to operate the Android O/S.

    With thanks.

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    You can activate certain things by keeping your finger on the screen and holding it down for five seconds. For instance, in Maps, this will mark the place your finger is at with a red dot. You can then do additional things like Street View or save the location.
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    One could almost say that there's no two Androids a like, there's so much room for customization.

    * Use Google Play Store to download apps. Most of them are free and add great functions to your phone. I use my phone as a flashlight every day, thanks to a Flashlight app.

    * Widgets are great for quick access. I use Power Widget constantly to operate which features are turned on (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS). Weather and Mail widgets can also come in handy.

    * Custom keyboard will increase typing speed and decrease errors. There are tons of custom keyboards. Try out few of the most popular keyboards to find the one you like the best. Turning on haptic feedback can also help reduce errors, as you have a better 'touch' to writing with touch keyboard.

    * If you are low on battery, turn on Airplane Mode, it greatly reduces battery consumption.
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    Turn on airplane mode when charging. It will charge faster.
    If you want to listen to music and not be disturbed, use airplane mode.
    Turn off gps as it sucks power.
    Look around google play for apps you might like.
    It is a good idea to check whether apps have shut down properly. Put a check somewhere on your home.

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    The apps I use the most are...
    dropbox (for uploading from phone and access from PC)
    google maps
    I have a widget that shows apps running on my second page
    photogrid (photo collages)
    snapseed (photo editing)
    I use snapseed but there are tons of great photo apps.
    You could start an instagram page and upload some pics of the sights.

    Also, you can put an icon on your home for a frequently called number.

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