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    the bible's devil? probably an angry ISTP...

    a more interesting question - what type is this devil:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emotionalogic View Post
    Milton's Satan is a total INTJ. Ne, ti, and fe would all point towards wanting to work with God's plan (in the context of the story). Ne would accept that God is in everything and there's no way to escape him, but Satan, as a ni user, rejects that and assumes that his ideas are independent of the external world (God) and, because he is a ni-dom, are superior to them (he wants to shut out inferior se). Ti would see the logic of God's plan; Satan, as a te user, wants to replace it with a "better" plan of his own (which springs from his dominant ni). He applies these ideas to the world (via rebellion) with great intransigence and determination. Honestly, what ENTP would proclaim "its better to reign in hell than serve in heaven" to a gathering of followers? Te is clear. So is fi; a fe user would submit to God's love and try to live in harmony with the external world. As a ni-fi user, Satan wants to remain intellectually and emotionally independent, which drives the story forwards. An ENTP would give God lip, but wouldn't rebel and declare that he would "raise my throne above the stars of God". That takes a certain J stubborness and pride, as well as a certain inferior se obliviousness to reality in favor of ni visions (or, if you prefer, delusions ).
    I have to agree to your points except one little thing. As an ENTP I think we would definetely say "its better to reign in hell than serve in heaven". It shows ENTPs deep need for independence and lack of allegiance to a high authority. He sees the possibility that due to his charisma and intelligence he can rule the universe better than God.
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    I was under the impression all evil beings were INTJs. *runs and hides*
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