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    @Odi et Amo - That was a really good analysis.

    A few minor disagreements:

    Quote Originally Posted by ;2253731
    Willow - INFP (This one is really difficult. Willow seems Ni > Ne but Fi > Fe. What clinched INFP was remembering her beautiful soliloquy to Buffy at the end of Season Three (Graduation Day pt I?), when she broke it to Buffy that she was staying in Sunnydale for college, instead of Oxford/Yale/MIT/wherever she wanted, to fight the Hellmouth with Buffy. Screamed Fi dominant.)
    She repeatedly comes out with unlikely solutions that ended up working, not from making a connection externally to form an innovative idea but from mentally processing the situation itself in the back of her head (What's behind the demon's powers, what does an incantation really mean), she never made much external connections at all, she didn't have too because Xander always did it for her (Accidentally). Most importantly, let's not forget the entire vision to chance the way the prophecy fundamentally works & awaken every potential slayer at the same time was her own design. Do these not suggest Ni dominance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Odi et Amo View Post
    Giles - INTJ (Not much argument here.)
    Why not ISTJ? Almost all of his solutions come from a very broad education into the world of the arcane, it might seem mystical to us but for him this was college.

    Quote Originally Posted by Odi et Amo View Post
    Dawn - ENFP (Dawn is a lot like Xander in cognition, clearly Ne-dom.)
    I think this might be because they both share the same enneagram and insecurities (7w6), not necessarily because they are both the same MBTI.

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    Buffy is ESFP/ESFJ, borderline J/P
    She always says what's on her mind and how she feels, so she is an extrovert
    She is very practical, therefore a sensor
    She is a feeler
    If she wasn't a slayer she would be ESFP, but being a slayer pushes her to borderline J/P.

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    Alrighty, first post, here we go:

    Buffy: ESFP.
    Willow: INFP

    Xander: Exxx,
    Really unsure about this one. All I can say for sure is that he is extraverted, we don't ever really see him being shy or socially awkward, nor do we see him seeking time alone to recharge. When he is alone, he is usually lonely or sad (circa S4, trapped in the basement and cut off from his friends) rather than energised and inspired. Unsure about S or N, I'm not quite sure where everyone else is getting evidence for N? Direct examples, evidence? I'd love an explanation. As for F and T, I see evidence for both. Evidence for F could be his decisions and actions caused by his often immature emotions, especially in earlier seasons, such as constant jabs against Angel fuelled by jealousy. As Xander matures through the seasons the argument for F becomes a little stronger, in season 7 being able to 'see' things and have insights into people and the way they work and the way they feel due to not being the centre of attention. However, the argument for T is probably stronger, he can be objective while Buffy and Willow are swept up by their own emotions, he can be unkind and insensitive in the way he states his opinions (such as in the S3 episode 'Revelations' telling Buffy "You wanna forget all about Ms. Calendar's murder so you can get your boyfriend back") and can also be incredibly unaware of his own emotions, see "Hells Bells" when he left Anya at the alter, which probably wouldn't have happened if he had been more in touch with what he was feeling through the whole time. We don't see him "check in" with his emotions, and for the most part he is pretty unaware of them. I don't see much evidence for J or P really, so I'm leaving that one too in hope that someone can provide some reasons

    Giles: INTJ

    Spike: ISTP
    Lives happily by himself in his crypt, enjoys his own company, often operates alone (I). If he employs someone to help him with his evil plans, it's usually for the reason of doing a job rather than having some sort of need for the social interaction. S, definitely, Spike in S7 tells Buffy, "I don't have a reputation for being a thinker...I follow my blood, which doesn't necessarily flow in the direction of my brain." Not much of a philosopher or intellectual, thrives on the heat of the moment, loves violence, appreciates sensory pleasures such as blood and his crypt designed the way he likes it, a very "in the moment" person. I did debate F, because of how centred his life becomes around the women he is in love with, but after reading descriptions of ISTP and ISFP, Spike fit the description of ISTP so perfectly it was difficult to see otherwise. A man who follows his own rules, has his own ideas, lives by his own values.

    Cordelia: ESTJ
    Anya: ISTJ
    Faith: ESTP
    Oz: INTP

    Tara: INFJ
    Shy, quiet, finds it difficult to make friends, to use her lyrics from the musical episode, "How else could I see, anyone else would notice me?", spends a lot of time alone in her room, in group conversations adds little unless she is directly addressed (I). Very values driven, very sure about what she believes, for instance when calling Willow out on her magic use and providing very clear rules about the use of magic which she sees as the right way "You're using magic to suit things for your own liking. It's not what magic is for" (NF). Plays almost a literal 'counsellor' role, a maternal role in the Scoobies, helping Buffy through her thing with Spike in S6, listening with nonjudgmental acceptance and providing advice, very INFJ.

    Dawn: ISFP
    Shy, has few friends at school and hangs out with Buffy's friends instead (I). Not really a big picture thinker, focuses on her own feelings at any given time, to the point of being very immature. I could also see J.

    Apologies for the monster post.

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    I don't know if I get the ESFP vibe for Buffy. They tend to avoid negativity as much as possible and Buffy doesn't seem to do that (even her mom thinks she's a bit negative sometimes). She gets bored/distracted easily. I get the ESFP vibe for Faith, well an unhealthy ESFP anyway. When she comes into town she talks how slaying vampires gives her a bit of, um, a euphoric physical feeling so to speak. She even thinks Buffy was a bit wound up and needed to "find the fun," which tells me ESFP. Buffy is a little more future oriented in that she's afraid to get into a relationship because of possible future repercussions. She's also a little more emotional and not exactly afraid to talk about them.
    “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

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    Buffy - ESFP
    Xander - ExFP. Usually across as an S, but Joss Whedon's zany Ne humor comes through in his dialogue a lot
    Willow - INFP 6w7 sp/sx
    Giles - INTJ 5w6 with 1w9 fix
    Joyce - ISFJ
    Cordelia - ESTJ 3
    Angel - INFJ
    Angelus - ENTP
    Oz - INTP 9w8 sp/sx, 5 fix
    Spike - ESTP 8w7 sx/sp
    Anya - ESTJ
    Riley - ISFJ
    Dawn - ESFx
    Wesley - ISTJ 6w5
    Jenny Calendar - ISTP
    Tara - INFJ 9w1 sx/sp, though I can't completely rule out INFP
    The Master - ENTP
    Drusilla - INFJ or ISFP
    Mayor Wilkins - ExFJ 3w2 so/sp
    Professor Walsh - xNTJ
    Adam - INTJ
    Glory - ESFJ
    Faith - ESTP cp6w7 sx
    Harmony - ESFJ
    Andrew - ENFP
    Darla - xSTP
    Ethan Rayne - ENTP
    Lily/Anne - ISFP 9
    Kendra - ISTJ
    Parker - ESTP
    Veruca - ISTP

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    Buffy ISTP
    Angel INTJ
    Willow IxFP
    Xander ISTP
    Rupert Giles INTP
    Spike ISFP
    Tara INFJ
    Anya xSTJ
    Dawn ENFP
    Faith ESTP
    Cordelia ESxJ
    Oz INTP
    Kennedy ESTP
    Joyce ENFJ
    Dru INFJ
    Glory ESFP
    Riley ISxJ

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