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Miraculous Ladybug

miss deceit

Aug 22, 2017
Instinctual Variant
Idk if anyone has seen this show but I'm curious on your typings on the characters.

Here's my ideas:
Marinette - ENFP (I've seen her typed ENFJ, but I'd say her obsession with Adrien is an Fi obsession not Ni and I think Ne-Si axis fits her far better than Se-Ni)
Adrien - ISFP (really unsure of this one, I'd guess high Sensing of some kind - he seems very grounded)
Alya - ESTJ? (This was a tricky one, I think she's a Te dom and her trying to uncover Ladybug without any respect for boundaries shows an undeveloped Fi, as for Si or Ni it's tricky but I think in general she seems more Tertiary Ne than Tertiary Se)
Hawkmoth - ISTJ (Seen him typed as INTJ, don't see Ni dom fitting especially given how he is as Gabriel)
Chloe - ESTP (Could see either Se dom for her, but I see her as an unhealthy Fe user rather than Fi so ESTP it is, I do love this character)
Nino - ESFP? (This is hard as his character doesn't get too much attention, seems to be an Fi user and I don't see all that much Ne in him so ESFP it is)
Lila - ENFJ (Practically the archetype for ENFJ 3w2 gone wrong, I relate to her quite a lot tbh hence why she is my profile pic, power hungry Fe-Se combo who uses her Ni for scheming, also one of my favourites)
Sabrina - ISFJ (Basically an introverted Gretchen Weiners really)

Other characters:
Mr Damocles - ESFJ
Kim - ESFP
Max - INTP (Ti dom, don't see Se)
Juleka - IxFP
Tikki - ExFJ?
Plagg - ISTP
Marinette's Mom - ISFJ
Marinette's Dad - xSFP