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    Default Lord of the Flies

    I'm curious... We've been reading it in English class and its a pretty fascinating book. Honestly, I don't like it for the story value, but I do enjoy Golding's usage of allegory.

    More to the point, does anyone think they can type the characters? I'm pretty sure Simon's an INFx and Piggy's probably an INTJ, but I'm not too sure about the rest of the characters. Anyone up for it?

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    Jack: ESTP
    Ralph: ENTJ
    Piggy: INTP
    Roger: INTJ
    The rest are ISTJs.
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    Ralph: ENFJ - Charismatic, naturally takes on a leadership position and throughout the book seems the most preoccupied with the future.

    Jack: ESTJ - At first wants to lead by maintaining the social norms and manner of hierarchy he's used to, but as he grows accustomed to living without the society that they come from, he adopts and enforces a different set of norms and structures, one that he associates with groups of people living primitively.

    Piggy: ISTJ - Embodies common sense and practicality. The most adult-like, and socially outcasted for it. Never grows detached from the original purpose of the fire, unlike Ralph whom he keeps reminding. Is certain that the beast and ghosts don't exist, because 'life is scientific, that's what it is'. Thinks Simon is 'batty'.

    Roger: ISTP - Mysterious, keeps himself to himself, likes destroying things.

    Simon: INFJ - Gains insight from visions, realises that the beast is merely a projection of everyone's fear and temptation to savagery, and that the real danger they're sensing and fleeing is the wild nature within themselves. Publically, mainly expresses his desire for harmony and positive community. He's also supposed to represent Jesus, who's often though not always typed INFJ.

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    I read it in grade 10, which is eight years ago (:eek:!) so bear with my barely substantiated guesses.

    Sam 'n Eric: perhaps ISxPs?
    Piggy: IxTJ
    Jack: ExTx

    Golding's The Inheritors is worth checking out too. Similar thought provoking ideas, different story (the main characters are not human but have some human characteristics (and are scared of the humans they try to hide from), and he really gets into issues of language constructing reality)
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