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    Default Personality type on TV

    Just a few days ago, I had the TV on and left the room for a minute, and my wife caught mention of a story on temperament on 20/20.

    Turns out, it was Helen Fisher Helen Fisher (anthropologist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, who uses basically Keirsey's system (complete with the colors), but maps them to brain chemicals, and focuses on how it affects romance and attraction!

    explorer (artistic, Artisan temperament, orange) - dopamine
    negotiator (intuitive, Idealist temperament, blue) - estrogen
    director (reasoning, Rational temperament, green) - testosterone
    builder (sensible, Guardian temperament, gold) - serotonin.

    (Rational as "Director" suggests Choleric, and Idealist as "Negotiator" suggests Phlegmatic, in opposition to Keirsey who reversed them based on "coolness" vs "exciteability"!)

    After the 20/20 story, it has appeared on good Morning America this week as well. another version connceted to pop-culture is Kathy Kolbe's "Conative Styles": Quick Start, Fact Finder, Implementor and Follow Thru (which are featured on Oprah 4 Human Instincts in Problem Solving -

    Interesting to see versions of temperament gain some notice outside this online community! Don't know if this might be bad or good, as it can further become associated with "pop-psychology" and seen as an unscientific fad.
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