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    It personally feels like a bunch of pointless naval gazing to me. Though I do understand its purpose. I just keep away from it in most circumstances.

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    to have a purpose that retains it's own esteem,

    which is to say: having an immortal soul

    which is to say: to be fruitful, and having the fruit remain.

    (which is having no external locus of [moral] authority, so one can experience pure freedom (which is the real liberty of spirit; because you are able to discern the truth and know it for yourself.)
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    Philosophy and spirituality both have lofty goals, like critical self-examination and answering questions like 'What does utopia look like?' But I like this stuff because it's fun and informative; I think it has value, but it's not a calling for me. More like an occasional hobby.

    For example I took a course on Faith and Reason this semester, and I had a blast. One of the topics we talked about was the three classic arguments for the existence of God, and I finally found out what religious folks mean when they talk about 'the high degree of order in the universe.' I also learned that [LaSallian] Catholicism interprets like 99% of scripture metaphorically, and a bit about Manichaeism. I'm taking the final this Saturday, and I'm almost looking forward to it!

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    An attempt to explain the unexplainable. Break down common human understanding and then build it back up differently. Questioning what is known and whether anything is known. Relating what could be to what is, and vice-versa. Trying to connect to something beyond you, belief.
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    The purpose of philosophy and spirituality is to fill people with wisdom, to discover things that not even they know about themselves , to get people to listen to their own thoughts and feelings and to improve the world, snd to give lost souls a sense of purpose and reason to keep living and do better for themselves.

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    Default Fear and Trembling

    The purpose of philosophy is to critique the taken for granted.

    And the purpose of spirituality is to go deeper and deeper and deeper until we give up control and re-emerge born anew.

    Critiquing the taken for granted is opposed by vested interests, and giving up control is an existential threat to our psyche.

    So philosophy and spiritualiy are not to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly; but reverently, discreetly, advisedly, soberly, and in fear and trembling.

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