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    Quote Originally Posted by Mane View Post
    isn't that a tad problematic? if you are joining due to the desired lifestyle rather than genuinely believing in the muslim tenants, then technically speaking, YOU will not be practicing what you genuinely believe in... at which point you will be creating the very same problem you seem to have with your christian community, a.k.a. this:

    it's like you are moving out of a neighborhood to escape it's drug problem and packing the meth lab in your suitcase.
    I can see what you are saying. It sounds like it could be hypocritical, but I am just voicing what is important to me, or my own peeves. But also like I said, I wouldn't become Muslim if I didn't believe in it. I am just starting with what I admire and I am taking it from there. I am only in the investigating process.

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