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    As a Ni-dom, I can say that while I don't actually believe in astrology, nevertheless I have found the subject rather fascinating in a way. Same goes with many other paranormal-related stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    My head hurts from the sense of deja vu ... look forward to replaying history though!
    Wait, we need Sim and Victor. Lol.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I can draw interesting insights from a dog taking a dump on the street. That, however, says much more about me than about the dog. Are you going to defend astrology or Zarathustra's Ni?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agentfurrina View Post
    what does astrology have to say about interhuman compatibility?
    There are three main kinds of astrological charts: natal, synastral, and composite.

    Natal charts are for one person, based on the positions of the astrological bodies in the sky at the time and location of their birth.

    Synastral charts are for two (and possibly more?) people, based on the interaction between each of their natal charts.

    Composite charts are for two (and possibly more?) people, based on combining their birth data into one unique natal chart, as if, as a couple, they had their own unique, independent existence.

    Quote Originally Posted by agentfurrina View Post
    here is an excerpt from my birth chart "result". the intro, if you will. and it is just the kind of language that makes some of us giggle. what, the fuck, does it mean?

    "You will not get the best out of your birth chart unless you become a go-between worthy of relaying the best. Concentrate first on construction and creativity, and use astrology to define the possibilities as you go along. In the fractal logic of astrology, each planet, sign and house is a self-similar unity complete with its own rewards."

    i am open to learning more, but this makes as much sense as a screendoor on a battleship.
    Frankly, I don't like the language there.

    About four to five times they enter into gobbledegookland.

    It's basically saying, "when you read this, you need to be open-minded to how it might be true".

    That way, as opposed to, a priori, trying to find fault's in everything, you might try to consider how what it's saying is true.

    Anything you get on the internet is just a spit-out from a computer, so you need to try to get the essence of the message, as it's not being tailored to you as an individual.
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    Anew Leaf


    Sorry, I could not resist.

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    How did you come to take an interest in astrology?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    I'm not quite sure what you think would make it rigid.

    Are you talking about the fact that each person's natal chart is based on the positions of the planetary bodies at the time of their birth?
    By rigid, I mean less room for interpretation. I just assumed it would be more rigid because of the intensely calculative nature of it. Anyway, open ears here.

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    astrology is B.S /end thread.

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    Oh great and wise Zarathustra, please help me with the following.:

    I know my birthdate, and approximate time of birth, but not the "official' hour/minute/second level of granularity.
    I was checking out an astrology research service online about a year ago and it asked for my birth date and time.
    Since I didn't know it exactly I did not order anything, because I didn't want to get shite results via bad input of birth time info.

    (1) That being said, what is my best option for getting a good astrology report with the information I have at this time?
    (2) Is there any other info I need to get a good report?
    (3) What resource (paid or free) do you think is best to get a thorough analysis of my astrological info.

    Years ago a cousin of mine let me borrow one of Linda Goodman's books.
    It was a great read.
    I'm very interested to see what other info is out there with regard to astrology.

    Thanks for your time and any information you are willing to share.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarathustra View Post
    Synastral charts are for two (and possibly more?) people, based on the interaction between each of their natal charts.
    would you stop dating someone because your synastral chart told you to?

    and is this why that couple inviting me into a threeple asked me for my place, DOB and panty size?
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