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    I hope there is no objective truth, not so that we are free to flounder, but so that we are free to grow. unleashed.
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    This was surprisingly easy for me. My conscience knows when I have made the incorrect decision wherein guilt beseeches me to rectify the wrong.

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    I think there are two types of truth... (1) a useful or "gets things done" pseudo-truth and (2) a more abstract real truth.

    I think a proposition is true by (1) if there is considerable empirical evidence in its favour: several studies pointing to the proposition's truth at 95% confidence for example. This truth only matters if you have to function in reality. I choose to do certain things, eat certain foods, etc. based on scientific literature. For me, this doesn't matter in the realm of "pure" truth, only useful "truth". Which I don't think is really truth.

    To me, real truth is (2), abstract truth. This would have to account for scenarios like being in a simulation, being a brain in a vat, etc. It would have to be completely internal and not dependent on the environment. Perhaps math or logic count for this, but I'm not sure.

    Thinking back to that circle thread... We know what a perfect circle is despite not having seen one in our environment. Perhaps the concept of a perfect circle is an example of abstract truth.

    Maybe (1) becomes real truth if we know we are not brains in vats, dreaming, etc.

    (I read some other posts just now and it looks like this has already been said. heh)
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    I think for me all truth really boils down to "whatever works". And the things that I find not to work so well become more doubtful and more questioned and something I would feel hypocritical for relying on.

    When I learn something that I can rely on like certain engineering sciences, I take them for granted as truth. But when I learn about philosophy or how people rationalize others and situations, I see relative and changing motivations that can't be relied upon as truth (and it usually seems to take the form of hypocrisy in myself and everyone else).

    This is more of a behavioral aspect, I find. We stick with, have faith in, and see as truth those things that remain constant and rebel against the things that don't. And what doesn't remain constant might really be synonymous with 'what we deem fair or not'.

    This makes some religions extremely dangerous in this regard because the blind faith of the religion is the constant. There can be no reason, compromise, or alternative to an absolute truth - only conflict; and some people feel they need to have such a constant for their lives to hold meaning. Scary. 0.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by strychnine View Post
    (I read some other posts just now and it looks like this has already been said. heh)
    That is one of the things I hoped to accomplish here: finding overlaps.

    Therefore, more answers are required! Did I mention that you could win a rabbit?

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    There are too few accepted universal truths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    There are too few accepted universal truths.
    To answer or for your liking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginkgo View Post
    There are too few accepted universal truths.
    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    [*]Look into yourself.[*]Feel, think about, grasp at the idea of truth that you find in there.[*]Ponder the best way to put it into words.[*]Put it into words.[*]Submit it.[/list]

    My "truth" goes something like this...

    I look into myself, and I see someone who wants to lie. But he is not good enough at lying to lie to himself, so I know there is no truth there.

    Therefore, I look into myself for truth and find no truth greater than the the "truth" that varies as much as people do.

    Since I find no truth in people, I look to the basics of life. I look for the most basic things there are. And what I find is things like this... 1+1=2, true. 1+1=anything but 2, false.

    From these most basic of things it becomes clear that truth is itself also the most simple thing. It is not a matter of opinion, nor can there be different versions of it, one for each person's opinion as we so wish to believe.

    ...and we wish to believe, because deep down inside, we know... there is a basic truth about all of us that we cannot escape: that we all exist, and together, a simple fact like 1+1=2, and yet we all have our own version of what we say is true, our own version of 1+1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post

    The purpose of this thread is to survey the various conceptions of truth that are ingrained in your minds. In order to participate and win a rabbit, please go by the following steps:

    1. Look into yourself.
    2. Feel, think about, grasp at the idea of truth that you find in there.
    3. Ponder the best way to put it into words.
    4. Put it into words.
    5. Submit it.

    It is neither necessary nor requested that you think about how truth should be, could be, or is defined by others. It is all about you.

    I hope your answer will in itself answer the following question; if it does not, however, please answer: According to your conception of truth, what is required for statement 'x'* to be true?

    * 'x' could be anything, for instance, 'Yeshua of Nazareth died on the cross'.
    What is true for me are certain things I don't understand. I don't understand why integrity is so over-ridingly important for me. I can't understand why I almost make a fetish of intellectual integrity. I don't understand why integrity is a real thing for me.

    Of course I can see that compromise is useful, even necessary in the world, but my heart isn't in it.

    I think that the answer, in the rag and bone yard of my heart, is that integrity brings me joy.

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