Indian Astrology is symbolic of its glorious past. Jyotirveda means knowledge (veda) of the star (jyoti). In the West comprehension the science of the stars and planets is called astronomy and, when emblematically applied is known as astrology.

Veda also means scripture and the conventional astrological textbooks are thus called Jyotir veda. Jyoti is light in Hindi, the light of the soul, and thus jyotir veda symbolise knowledge of the soul, and the path the soul has to navigate in order to enrich and attain enlightenment.

Astrology is very similar to an upturned history book. Rather than describing someoneís past, one's future is described in figurative language. A professional astrologer is competent of translating that symbolic depiction, namely oneís birth chart, into an understandable explanation. Things donít happen in our lives through a certain physical influence stars and planets make.

There can be a direct influence from the Moon and the Sun, the Moon causes tidal waves and the Sun can cause skin cancer. But these influences are not analysed in astrology. In astrology the planets, their positions are absolutely emblematic. Definitely, maximum of the astrological aspects are mathematical points in space, like the Nodes of the Moon, the Ascendant, Midheaven etc.