In response to the OP:

I think the thoughts you are expressing are pretty typical of an ENTP viewpoint on life. However I think how an ENTP reacts to having this knowledge can differ from person to person.

Personally I think it is an ENTP's role in society to realize the false assumptions that people have made and take advantage of the opportunity. I think every ENTP has plenty of times where they've thought "most people think X is true, but really Y is true". This insight allows the ENTP to make improvements in methodologies or technologies. This insight also allows ENTP's to take advantage of people's false beliefs if they choose. Or the insight might just drive the ENTP nuts, because they try to point out these inaccuracies to people and most just don't get it.

I tend to think the ENTP leads the healthiest life when they use their insight to make improvements in the world around them (even if most others think they're nuts or just plain wrong). But of course it's up to each individual ENTP to decide what they want to do with the insight they have.