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    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    Yes, Frankl, nolla. I'm familiar with him. Good reference. There are many interesting things to learn from those who spent time in the concentration camps. Well, and prison, also. If they survive they seem to learn a certain control over the way they view corporeal existence and of time.
    Yeah, I think there might be a view found among prisoners that gives a whole different perspective on how much we can control. Their physical control over the environment is basically none, yet they must have some feeling of control.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    As far as which comes first, feelings or thoughts, and which influences which, this is something I've pondered. My conclusion is that sometimes one, sometimes the other. But it is true that one can learn, through gathering knowledge, new ways of thinking which will then have an influence on our feelings.
    Yes. I agree. I've found that by altering the way we think about life can change how we feel. This is a long term effect, though. I don't believe that I can will myself to kill any feeling, so in that sense feeling is a stronger factor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anja View Post
    Much evidence to indicate that animals are capable of human-style thought. And, since I was a child, I've NEVER bought that scientific blindness which insists that animals don't have feelings. Remember some pretty interesting conflicts about that in high school.
    Yeah, I remember debating for animal feelings as a kid. I don't see how animals could be without feelings, it has always sounded ridiculous. But, thinking is kinda harder question... Anyhow, I don't really have to come to any conclusion here, since the reason I brought it up was just to say that feelings have more power when thinking in evolutions terms. But, lets say that I believe there was something going on in our dogs mind.

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    Answering anything other than 0%, 100%, or "in between", to this poll makes absolutely no sense. All values between 0 and 100 are arbitrary.

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    Roughly 90%, I'd say. Occasionally things happen which are beyond my control, having been set in motion by people/events long in the past, but I make my own decisions and generally have control over my life.
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