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    Default Nation's zodiac sign...

    I've googled what each country's is zodiac sign:

    This is what I found so far:
    Adam Barralet's Bloody Good Things To Know: The Astrological Signs of Cities and Countries

    What is the zodiac sign of each country in the world? - Quora

    Rta_Swar (ॠत_स्वर) :The absolute voice.: The zodiacal sign of some countries around the world

    And country charts from Horoscope and Astrology - Homepage - Astrodienst, which for some odd reason, all popular countries are limited only to libra - capricorn - cancer - scorpio signs, while other are left away.
    The national chart of the United States - Astrodienst

    So I'm confused which of those are truly describing?

    And why some signs get interesting countries like Aquarus, who get Germany and Russia, while Pisces (My signs) only get 2 countries: Eqypt and Portugal and rest are just regions, like normandy and castile (Which is stupid because those are not actual countries)?
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    Astrology is interesting in that it correlates time of birth with personality, two factors I normally wouldn't think of correlating. Of the links you posted, I like the first one the most because it seems the most creative.
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    Heh. I saw "USA -Cancer" and was like Whhhhat? Then saw New York as Cancer and it made person sense. Fucking martyrs. ( I can say that because all of my best friends are Cancers).

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