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    On intpforum we have been solving something, and then somebody said, that "INTP is mostly extroverted introvert and ENTP is mostly introverted extrovert." I don't know, if it solves yours problem, but if it solves, then discuss it!

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    I'm definitely an introverted extravert: I usually get energized from being around people, and I'm comfortable in social situations, but eventually, I need a break. This doesn't usually last too long, though, so I find myself in a weird cycle where I'm hanging out with a whole bunch of people, then I take a break where I don't talk to anybody, then get bored and start hanging out with people again.

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    I would consider myself an introverted extrovert.

    I have moments where i am out and about and fine with the attention, the chatting and i'm bouncing off peoples positive energy etc but i do enjoy coming home and being in my own company .. My kiddo told me today i don't have a life like its a bad thing.

    I like balance.
    “I made you take time to look at what I saw and when you took time to really notice my flower, you hung all your associations with flowers on my flower and you write about my flower as if I think and see what you think and see—and I don't.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by chana View Post
    i think it varies from person to person.
    Quote Originally Posted by blankpages View Post
    Yes, the strength of the I/E preference varies from person to person, and any type can be slight to extreme in their preference. However, when you look at surface behaviours or traits (acting sociable, or wanting to be amidst activity, or being introspective), that's where you get the "introverted extroverts" or "extroverted introverts" stuff. For example, an ISFJ would likely behave more sociably than an INTP who is just as introverted. Or, an ENFP might be more into self-examination than an ESTJ who is just as extraverted.

    So if you look at cognitive functions (do they strongly prefer introverted or extraverted ones, or do they use both almost equally?) that preference is not type related. But if you look at common ideas of introverts and extraverts and try to type based on those, it does seem some types are far more likely to be confused than others. ENxPs often identify with some introverted traits and wonder if they are introverts, for example, even if their self-descriptions sound very extraverted to me.
    I agree with these posts.

    Also, any human being is going to need some downtime or interaction with others; this doesn't make you an ambivert.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Hmm, I don't know. I can act like an extrovert when I feel comfortable, to the extent that some people even think I was an extrovert. Yet I need a lot of time for myself and this confuses people sometimes. I'm in the mood for meeting people quite often, but if I do that too often (i.e. more than maybe two or three times a week) I quickly feel exhausted and I just want to have my time alone.
    Daylight bores the sunshine out of me...

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    I think the whole Introvert/Extrovert thing is one of the weakest points of the MBTI, a person may be extroverted in some environments and introverted in other environments.

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