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    Default Define Principles and Values.

    Define principles and/or values. Explain in your own words what it means to work from principles and/or values in typology.

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    my own terms --

    principles are "phrase" rules, such as "do unto others (etc)", don't murder, respect others' opinions, etc. in my mind, they come with the caveat that they are generalities. derived from a conglomeration of values. principles are good for general actions. baseline, if you will. it's easier than evaluating every minute detail; "don't kill" wipes that option off the chart; "help others" makes the option i want fairly clear. they're action oriented; they require a verb.

    values are (note also a verb) areas/things to which i give the most/more importance. things like friendship, family, exploring, taking care of the environment, dressing well, but even much smaller things like not really having a favorite color because i value them all for different things. blue makes me feel elegant and serene whereas red gives off confidence and warmth and passion. so my "favorite"/preferred color changes all the time, though the reasons i appreciate colors are more stable. they're less action-oriented.

    values are better in abnormal situations when principles don't feel right. if someone is threatening my mother with a gun, i will kill them. and i will feel bad about killing them, but i will not regret it. though there's no remorse for me in the "breaking" of the principle because it's not a hard-and-fast rule, just a useful tool (the regret comes instead from valuing every human life). values are also more subtle and precise, and more environmentally- and mood-influenced.

    in typology, i would say that principles are Ne-Te summarizations of large groups of Fi evaluations. values belong to Fi.

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