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    INTPs, ENFPs are close to me I think
    Far... ESFJ, ESTJ I assume

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    i'm an ENFP, which means that i can choose out of ESFP's, INFP's, ENTP's and INFP's. i think this'll kinda hard.


    one of my best friends in the world is an ESFP. we were basically best friends throughout high school. we both love to have fun and we like goofy off and talking to everyone. underneath the surface though we are very different. though we are both in cruise control, he likes to cruise for cruising's sakes, i cruise because i see a purpose in it (it's fun, life needs to be fun, therefore life needs cruising). he can also do something i can never do - blank out one's mind.


    i swear, i used to be a weird INFP. i was an INFP that liked people. mom liked to keep me at home because A) the SJ felt that it's her obligation to keep me out of harm, B) i was (and still kinda is) naive and C) i have the world's WORSE sense of direction, so i'll get lost. practice makes perfect, i got no practice so i was a very shy kid. in school, i would have spent a lot of my lunch times alone or with the one friend. make no mistake adults, school is a social battlefield. i felt out of place and there were always a few jackasses running around. i liked people, but at the same time, i knew how hurtful people can be and i was too aware of how bad i would feel. i also had a lot of the other INFP signs like looking at the world through rose colored glasses, and making household objects into mythical play toys. i think i can relate to INFP's. i only really developed my E during the later half of highschool. i switched schools a lot and i felt like i had to be more sociable in that new environment. i also kept asking myself "what's there to be ashamed of?" and forced myself out of my shell. i'm way more bouncy now, but i know what it's like to be the lone dreamer. i miss it and i appreciate it.


    another one of my best friends is an ENFJ. myself, the ESFP, ENFJ and an ISFP are the best of friends. we call each other "bros" and we say that not just as slang but to remind ourselves that we are close. i know all these guys inside out. that is, apart from the ENFJ, and i've known him since i was 7. we both like people, we both like to be warm. our N dictates that we see the bigger picture and we are both idealists at heart. however, we are also very different. people read me like a book. the ENFJ is more popular than i am but no one really knows what's on his mind. i love philosophy for the sake of it and i love dwelling in the question. the ENFJ likes to ask "what's the point" and will hence be more practical. i like to look for meaning and truth, but the ENFJ doesn't believe in anything but personal truth. what i'm saying is simply that though we have loads in common, we can also be very different and it's beyond what people tend to think as primary P vs J differences.


    i have a decent T side (MBTI step II test) so to i'm not that far away from being an ENTP. i think if someone met me say in class, they could easily mistaken me for an ENTP. i love to argue in class and i'm not afraid to pick a theory apart. philosophy particularly has made me a more dogmatic brand of ENFP. having said that though, there are also big differences between myself and the typical lawyer-type ENTP. an ENTP loves debating and isn't that afraid to get their hands dirty. i imagine an ENTP would care about logic first, feelings second. though i love discussion, i hate making other people feel like crap. i still like the logical side of things, and hate it when people get poetic when everyone else is trying to be purely logical but it takes a lot more for me to tell them that. even when i do, i phrase my words very carefully and say it with a smile.

    i'll say that i can relate to INFP's and ENTP's the most. if i had to choose one, it wold be the INFP. afterall, i've lived a large chunk of my life being quite the INFP (or an ENFP in INFP clothing). when i look at an INFP, i see myself from 10 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Economica View Post
    I thought I'd written about this before: Types one letter off
    Thanks for digging that up, thats the thread I was thinking of but could not find. But I'm not sure how well the original question compares to with what I was wanting to know. In more specifics, I was wanting to know two things, how people relate to their E/I counterpart (do they feel like an outgoing/shy version of themselves, or something very different to them) and how they feel about their T/F counterpart.

    Even more specific than that, to me INFP/ENFP seems very similar, just that one is shy/reserved and the other is outgoing/unrestrained. But when I look at for example INFJ/ENFJ or INTP/ENTP the differences seem deeper and more defining in how they actually think and how values/principles affects them and I wanted to know how those types see those differences compared to how I see those differences. Do they feel as different to each other as they do to me, or do they see themselves as similar?

    I may find some of those answers in re-reading that thread linked above, but I'd still like more specific responses on those kind of things.

    Mods: Please feel free to merge this with the other thread linked above if you feel it is similar enough to it.

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    ENFJ: While I definitely have ENFJ friends I find it very difficult to know what they're thinking--somehow flipping the dominant/auxiliary functions, so they do best what I do only second-best, makes me misread what is just autopilot for them. I have teh most trouble writing cogently about them too.

    INFP: No problem as long as I pause to wait for their ideas to run through their filters.

    INTJ: Hey, some of my best friends...actually my very best friend...I really have never had problems with INTJs and find that while they sometimes wish I'd be a little more theoretical our intellects are similar enough that we work well together and complement each other's styles.

    ISFJ: We aren't necessarily interested in the same things and they tend to be less communicative about their own needs and desires so I may not catch on as quickly to what they want/need from me or from a situation. In other words, they're nicer than me and I have to make sure I'm consciously aware that they might not speak up.

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