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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Oh, and I don't know if this is related in any way, shape, or form ... but I seemed to be a lot more attracted to the occult, symbols, and the fantastic as a teenager, which is probably why I first got a result as INFJ when I took the MBTI test at seventeen. I mean, really, really really. I was known for this stuff amongst my friends, like, "marmalade will read your tarot cards and do your astrology chart." I was also obsessed with making connections between spirituality, psychology, and science. I used to do meditations to develop my intuition and "psychic abilities."

    Is this Ni, or was I just particularly fanciful as an adolescent?
    I don't think it's Ni, I think it's just what you were interested in at the time; speaks more towards what fascinated you!! (and I think the whole linkage of 'psychic abilities' (in the new age sense) and Ni is a poor one; it has nothing to do with what Ni actually embodies)

    I'd say I started being more concerned with externalizing myself, as well as embracing the moment and getting myself more 'out there' in the world and out of my comfort zone, in my early to mid-20's. I realized I'd spent the majority of my existence up til then just existing in my own head, without really reaching out to others or being able to let go and take things as they came... actually I think my Fe and Se kinda grew in tandem. Ni and Ti were what I leaned on almost exclusively prior.
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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    Maybe you just prefer to not analyze love because you are a Ti dom But wait??
    lol, that's probably it.

    So would feeling discomfort when someone else is upset in the room be Fe?
    You know what, I'm not sure. That could be an either/or situation. Although I do get that "feeling embarrased on behalf of others" feeling when someone does something stupid, even if that might not be what other people are feeling. Shows like The Office are full of those sorts of awkward silences.

    I wonder if Fi can ever be described as "awkward".

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