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    immediate memory sucks, like you tell me something and ask me to repeat right away i can't give me a minute-30 seconds as long as you let me know i need to remember what you're saying i can. strings of numbers nope, though i do know my phone number and ss though i did completely forget my phone number the other day. but generally i know. long term is better, but i don't remember details. also if you verbally give me a list of directions i'll be able to complete the first one but will not remember the rest so i'll have to ask after each step what the next step is. this is why i live for written instructions.

    also i can remember where physical things are if i make a conscious effort to remember, of course sometimes i debate 2-3 places to put the thing and later i don't know where it is because i'll think i've picked one of the ones i didn't and its not there and i can't remember what the other options were.

    sometimes i forget to remember. i know i'll have to remember something but i'll forget to do so, and i'm like fuck.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    My memory is a crapshot. I suprise people with what i do and dont remember
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poki View Post
    My memory is a crapshot. I suprise people with what i do and dont remember
    I once remembered a random invoice number from days past. Freaked myself out. My boss was asking about an account and couldn't find the exact invoice so I blurted it out.

    I was called "Rainman" for the rest of the day.

    ~luck favors the ready~
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    I have shit memory. The only way I can remember something would be if it held a valuable meaning for myself or if it is, in some way, very emotionally charged in my eyes. It helps if I can see the hidden meaning behind the events in order for me to do a recall later on. I cannot deal with intricate details or numbers or any of that.

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    Wait, human beings are capable of recalling past events? Im too busy looking ahead to even bother looking back, let alone REMEMBER. Too much effort going into something thatll get you nowhere ( for the most part)
    "Advance, and never halt, for advancing is perfection. Advance and do not fear the thorns in the path, for they draw only corrupt blood."
    -Kahlil Gibran

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    Really interesting thread. My memory is something that made me think I mistyped myself in the beginning as an N even though I'm most definitely an N-dom. I remember numbers (ok with them in general, which might have influence), phone numbers, codes, birthdays and names really well. Also I have sort of a selective photographic memory. The thing is, I can't remember anything I don't pay attention to. If I do, I remember it. I'm pretty known for my memory and can recall where someone left their things, was this and this object there etc. I especially remember things 3D. I can relive and imagine any 3D place (I've paid attention to) in my mind. I can recall the inside of my fridge which makes it easy to go to the grocery store. What is perplexing is that I lose my own stuff all the time. It can literally take 5 minutes of my morning to search for my daily stuff I've put down somewhere I don't remember.

    I also remember people, details about them and I always point out their inconsistencies. Ok most of the time I keep shut. There is so much I don't say out loud... Here too, I'm really sucky with details in general, but when it comes to people, especially people I'm interested in, I can remember most things. Events that had some meaning I can remember. I also remember abstract concepts well, but when I'd have to explain something in detail, no such luck, unless I understand it well enough to put into details that can be derived from the understanding. Lists are also not my forte. Some people remember things in list form, I don't. But give me a picture or a graph about something and its done.

    When it comes to past events, I never remember anything on purpose. I very rarely relive past events unless prompted. My Si sucks big time. I'm so head up in the future and what else is on my mind. I can say that you were like this, and can't name a single instance it happened as an example, unless it was meaningful. My childhood is really abstract. I don't remember most of my childhood or what happened earlier today, week, month, year. There are certain instances I recall with detail when I look back to it but they're meaningful in a way. What I had for lunch today, no idea. What I was doing last saturday? No idea.

    So basically: Things I pay attention to, stick, things I don't, don't. Any other ENXPs have this?

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    Mmm...I think I have a good memory. I must have developed this recently; there are times I would seemingly irrationally obsessively collect details (probably because for my diary). I don't know how this was developed; I am a college student, it must be the routines I put myself into for memorizing stuff for quizzes or exams (like mentally arranging stuff alphabetically inside my head).

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