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Why do all ENFPs seem to report this same experience?
No idea, tbh. Interesting that you've noticed this pattern and that other ENFP's confirm this.

How certain are you that you're not an ESP?

Not saying you are, just wondering
Very much so.

I'm more intellectual than physical by default.

Feeling anchored in my body didn't happen until I started having sex and working out. Before that, I was way more 'in my head', like an ENFP.

The physical side of me was probably always there, but it had to be awakened, rather than being default mode.

Funny though, because a typology enthusiast friend of mine once said ESTP would be a better fit for me.

I don't buy that notion at all.
I was so sure that I had read this somewhere, but google searches gave me nothing.

Wouldn't it make sense that the emotions of 7's and 8's are often more 'base', though? Aggressive id-types primarily driven by self-satisfaction and lust, kinda like Freud's oral character.

Are you objecting because they usually are in touch with their feelings, or because there are other types more disconnected from their feelings?

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Expert use of the smoke emoticon.
You can tell by the cigarette and the satisfied smile that emoticon just finished a good round in the sack.

Expert... albeit puritanical use of Edvard Munch's painting...
Malmo Art Museum, Sweden.

Ummmm...yah...I was just kidding with regards to the 'age 14' comment. I thought you were a good deal older than 19... yah.
I laughed. Hard.

I do understand the sx "moth to the flame" thing... it's just that physical attractiveness alone is not enough "flame" for me. And so just to be absolutely certain in what you're saying... is finding someone physically attractive all the "exciting" you need to be drawn to them and have sex with them? Or is more needed like they need to have an intriguing personality or whatever (<-I think a lot of guys are like this...I've just never met an ENFP male that is this way so it's interesting to me.) And what do you you have purely sexual but longer term relationships with women? Or do you just sleep with someone once and move on? Do you go out to dinner with these girls to them get to know long does the instinctual pull normally last for you? And what if the female developed deeper than instinctual feelings for you? (I hope it's obvious that you don't have to answer these questions...i really appreciated what you have answered as well.)
It's never purely physical, as in "you bore me to tears but your ass looks as if sculpted out of marble, let's go". There's almost always some kinda spark. For example, one girl who could keep up with my banter and retort with something both caustic and hilarious, or another one hugelely knowledgeable about music with whom I had a conversation about obscure music for a good couple of hours. Usually I meet them at parties or concerts or something like that, but it has also happened with friends of friends who I've met several times before when everyone's hanging out in a group together. Like I said, there's usually chemistry on some level, but never enough to pursue a relationship. A ONS won't exactly have the time to develop deeper interest in me, but even with those I've hooked up with several times there's this unspoken understanding that what we're doing is for the fun and excitement only, so that has never been a problem, at least not that I know of.

Not that I'm averse to getting into a relationship, I would very much like to. But like I said, falling in love is a rare occurence.