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    I had control of my sphincter well before I was 22.
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    Although our Royal Commission into child abuse hasn't brought down its final report, but still we are shocked and horrified enough to change the law.

    We have abolished capital punishment but we have given the harshest punishment to adults who have sex with children by sentencing them to Life Imprisonment.

    And here on Typology Central we recruit school children anonymously, without the knowledge or permission of their parents, and sex and relationships are perhaps our hotest topics.

    So Typology Central is an environment that fosters adult child sex.

    Typology Central can't be referred to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse because Typology Central is an American Institution, and outside Australia's jurisdiction. And of course America religiously doesn't have a Judicial Enquiry into Institutional Child Abuse.

    The adults on Typology Central won't refer the matter to the Police, and the children boast about their underage drinking and taking of illegal drugs, and so won't go near the Police.

    So we wait for a parent to refer a complaint to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) or to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) before an enquiry can be instigated.

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    Step 1) Bait posters with an offensive, emotionally triggering title and subject matter; put them on edge so it's harder for them to produce a logical response. If they notice how blatantly offensive and intentionally socially disruptive your content matter is, without the redeeming value of a stable argument to back it up, assert that you have complete freedom of speech and that you're a "free thinker" because you deliberately challenge social norms, in which case you will always appear to be morally superior. If a "free thinker" is ever challenged, his detractors will always, and often wrongly, appear to be totalitarian thought police, when, in reality, they are simply reflecting the general social consensus.

    Step 2) If posters ignore your threads, insert pieces of this content into the most active discussions, threads where this information is not relevant. Posters will be unable to ignore your subject matter and will take only greater offense to it, increasing the likelihood of a reply in your original thread.

    Step 3) String out a premeditated stream of points that appear consistent but also make large leaps in logic.

    Step 4) If someone replies, ignore the bulk of their reasoning or critique of your own points and sift out only the smallest passages of rhetoric that benefit your standpoint; twist these points to sound like something that further benefits your side, while ignoring any constructive advice from the other debators.

    Step 5) Profit.
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