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    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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    I don't find this a very useful tool to describe my nuclear family interaction because it confounds too many factors. My family sounds a lot like DG's, actually. Independent in day to day living but loyal and close; little to no discipline but protective. I think my biggest struggle with my family has been that we all were always welcome to do our own thing, but us kids weren't really empowered because of the lack of delegated responsibility. Like my brother and I both were given nice cars, but no instruction on car ownership because our parents maintained control of that. It was great in a way but also bit both of us in the butt later. Obviously, though, I've always been very appreciative of my parents' generosity, and seek to emulate that.

    Thinking about a family of my own in the future, I'd like it to be more cohesive and with steady but thoughtful discipline. I do want to encourage independence and I'd want any children of my own to take more active leadership roles in their own lives - I think that ideal would fall under "structurally connected".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal+ View Post
    It's just more information to use in self-understanding, and to improve one's present family structure, as in the communication aspect.
    This still doesn't really tell me very much. I already knew my family was chaotic and that people communicated with each other. It's a little like saying water is wet. I'm thinking there has to be some value from this information as to how it may have impacted you growing up, how you'd then raise your kids, things to learn, etc.

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