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    It was a cold January morning, the kind of morning where your lungs recoiled in shock from the brutal intrusion of arctic air. The city was a giant dirty grey icebox, and I felt like a forgotten pork chop tucked away behind the ice cube trays. I walked quickly up the stairs to my second floor office. I made sure to avoid the seventh step as it was loose. I cursed the lazy super as I unlocked the door to the front waiting area. I guess he never grew tired of hearing my voice on his voicemail. Jane, my secretary, was late as usual. The gal was nice enough, but she had all the memory of a Commodore 64 with a cassette drive. I got the coffee machine to brewing and opened the door to my office.

    There she was just sitting behind my desk like she owned the place. This beautiful stranger stared up at me with turquoise eyes glittering under a head of thick honey colored hair. Her pale face had a half smile upon it, her expression somewhere between amused and impatient. How long had she been sitting there? I guess I needed to talk to the super about the locks in this joint the next time I complained about the seventh step. It was then that I could hear my coffee machine begin to percolate.

    “Coffee?” I offered while lighting a cigarette.

    Yep, It’s a dime store detective novel up in here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rav3n View Post
    I'm one of those people who doesn't have an internal monologue. Part of it is because I don't think in words and only translate my thoughts to words, when I have to communicate.
    How do you read? I read in my own voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    How do you read? I read in my own voice.
    When I read, I tend to hear Kieth David.
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    I'm glad you made this thread... I was going to myself.

    There was another article I read that suggested that only 25% of people actually think in concrete words, which seems weird to me. It is definitely something I want to read about and observe in myself more.

    But, as I'm typing this, I am most definitely reading it, in real time, as I go, and in my own voice. My sister's husband, on the other hand, cannot see things in his mind's eye. Although I have a relatively weak ability to picture things vividly on command for extended periods of time, I do still possess visual abilities, and quite a bit of abstract association, which I guess is like an instant association sort of thing that doesn't so much involve words? A lot of my internal world actually seems like pseudo-sensing, as in somehow feeling what things would feel like. I am very good at imagining what it might actually feel like to be an ESTP 8, or what it feels like to embrace someone, or go downhill skiing even though I've never been.

    I actually have historically had a very difficult time tracking my internal activity, and I suspect it has something to do with ADHD (however you interpret that). Sometimes I cannot answer the question "what are you thinking?" I don't know... I've snapped out of whatever it was now that you asked me and I cannot remember. I also cannot really remember my dreams well.

    All of this though is something I've been consciously putting more effort into observing and noting.
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    When I read I hear screaming and so have to get a little drunk to get the voices to calm down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    How do you read? I read in my own voice.
    Depends. When reading slowly, same. When scanning (it's a weird way of scanning since I look at paragraphs and my mind automatically extracts key words to get the gist), there's no voice. This weird method feels like it's my unconscious mind working since I'm not putting any conscious effort into it. It 'occurs'.

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    Yes, it can even be a dialogue if something requires multiple perspectives to clear out. Although my thoughts don't really have actual voices.

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    I do, and I do not at the same time.

    I hear my own voice, but I do not "talk to myself" internally. If I am, it is to give myself a new perspective. I have asked myself questions, to see how I would reply for example. Otherwise, I just "Know" what I am thinking, without words. I do not narrate everything that I do. I do not say in words, what I am going to do. My decisions and thinking is instantaneous. This is also probably why I have difficulty putting things into words, since its more like brief nebulous universes flashing before my eyes in a milisecond. This is interesting, because I had speech development issues. My ability to process language is different than most people. On top of poor hearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    I have an internal monologue/‘hear’ myself. I’m not surprised others might not experience that. Brains are weird.

    I wonder if it’s got anything to do with learning styles. I recall taking a test on that & scoring strongly in the verbal/linguistic as well as auditory/musical learning styles, and quite a bit lower on things like visual and kinesthetic. Perhaps there’s a correlation between the inner voice processing & how we learn in general...
    I don’t think so. I’ve taken similar tests and scored very high on kinesthetic and fairly low on everything else yet my ‘internal monologue’ talks far more than I do.
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    I do. I hear my own voice when I read, though it's faint. Sometimes I just read it with no voice, but that's more little things like looking at the time. As I type this sentence, I hear my voice, but it might be because I'm more focused on it.. When I scroll through the forum too everyone has their own voice. It's hard to put into words, but some have more deep and blunt voices, some have more confident voices, and some of them melodic voices. It's hard to imagine someone not having an internal monologue considering how loud my mind-the mix of mine and other people's voices plus I get music stuck in my head a lot. Do people without internal monologues get catchy tunes in their head?
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