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Thread: Misophonia

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    The beating of the heart! Do you not hear it?!?! How does the heart still beat beneath the floorboards?!?! HOW DO YOU NOT HEAR IT?
    With all due respect,
    Eryn Silverfrond;
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    We're all Faery Tales; after a fashion,
    Our stories unfolding around us...
    and through us...

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    Life is a chrysalis.
    The dreams of butterflies cocooned in the womb of becoming.

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    I literally never experienced this until my freshman year of college when I had a bitch ass, bum ass roommate who had terrible sleep apnea that she did nothing about, a constant sinus infection, and would moan and smack her lips whenever she yawned. every time she did any one of these things my whole body would tense and I would hyperventilate b/c it just made me so mad
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    I honestly dont see the big deal with identifying with things a person relates to. As long as they arent staking their entire identity on a thing or concept- it seems fairly healthy to be able to look at something and be like- nope- or yes.

    I dont want to go into that further because I dont want anyone to think Im passive aggressively trying to imply anything about their character or anything- because Im not. Im making fairly broad brush statements saying- why shit on anyone for trying to understand themselves?

    Anyways. I posted this because I relate to it- not because Im trying to “claim it” or be special or something. There are plenty plenty of things about me that are totally boring and normal- just like anyone else.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
    What Is Misophonia?

    Anyone else relate to this? I have fairly intense reactions, get really agitated, when people make repetitive sounds- mainly those made with their body (sniffling drives me up the wall and makes me feel like I need to flee the room or punch someone immediately- makes me very jittery)

    I wear ear plugs often just because certain sounds bother me so much. It doesnt really sound like anything but a special snowflake condition but... if thats the case Im just glad that the earplugs are a special snowflake solution I guess.

    Anyways, anyone else experience this?
    there are like 2 things that fit that bill for me.

    1. Someone like sucking air from a cup. that sound grates my soul.

    2. Bone popping. I hate when people crack their knuckles and stuff in front of me because for some reason it is like I get a pain response in my brain. I'm not joshing. Its like I cringe as if it hurt. XD
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