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    Default OTHER 5's - PLEASE HELP, I'M IN LOVE

    Lots of Questions to all 5's reagarding "in love".

    1) I've been fancying a 5 for ages and I think he likes me too. The only thing is none of us wants to make the first move and ask the other one for a date. I don't because I'm worried he might think I'm getting clingy. So why doesen't he make the first move?

    2.) Do 5's often think about the person they fancy when they are alone or only when they happen to see the other one. In other words out of mind out of sight? Are they interested in knowing getting to know how the other ticks respectively functions? Do they sometimes get butterflies in the stomach and week knees when the see the loved one? PLEASE ENLIGHTEN ME. I don't know any other 5's privately who I can ask.

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    My advice is "please stop overthinking it" Of course fives think about people who they really like. We are not devoid of emotion. Once you realize 5's have emotions and vulnerabilities like everyone else, then life will be easier. I really think you should relax and calm down. Just go for it. If anything, worrying too much and over-analyzing would be the deal breaker for me, Once again, 5's have emotions and vulnerabilities just like everyone else. If you keep unintentionally insinuating that he does not feel emotions just anyone else, that is a big insult and a pretty bad premise for a relationship. He probably deals w/ his emotions differently.

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