Dear community,

I am a new, enneagram-interested member of this forum (whose first language is not english) and I'd like to ask you to type a person I know. In the following I will list some characteristics of him. Note that my description could be influenced by the romantic relationship we are having since one month and that I'm totally in love with him.

- he's good at science and describes himself as a "technology person"

- he is very convinced by the atheist worldview

- he feels distanced by his family, his friends are more important to him

- he likes to complain (about bad marks, his exhausting life etc.)

- he has strong opinions and a strong and memorable appearance

- he is sociable and likes to talk

- he is humorous

- he is a reputable, trusty and loyal person who wouldn't hurt someone for fun/purposely

- he prefers honesty and directness

- he tells the same anecdotes over and over again and does it with all the passion and humour he possesses

- e.g. in regard to sexuality and alcohol/ light d/rugs he is open-minded and has modern views, not uptight

- Maybe this aspect of his personality is caused by his rather young age and the little experiences he has made but he has both a dominant, confident, masculine, sometimes even vulgar or "coarse" side, but also one that is cautious, sensitive, caring, sometimes even insecure or shy (especially in love matters). The second side is not expressed through his posture, voice etc. but he is not afraid to show it.

- Indeed he is ambitious but says about himself that he has no goal, purpose or dream. Although he does not want to admit it, he is scared when it comes to the future and insecure about his place in life. He often talks about two ways he has to choose between, in my words the way of security that he does not really want to take, and the way of freedom, which is very undefined and, according to him, not possible (he always finds excuses, and reasons against every possibilty).
I wonder if there can be a person who has not a single goal in life or if he is just scared of admitting his goals because that would mean that he had to try to reach them.

I hope that you find typing persons of whom you don't get more than a description as interesting as I do and thank you for taking the time to read it. I already have guess which type I would match him but first I am interested in your typings.