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    Bunnies & Rainbow Socks Kayness's Avatar
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    Jun 2012
    9w1 sp/sx


    oscillating between 2-4, but mostly 2-3 these days.

    I've been down to 7.
    9w1 4w5 5w4 sp/sx RCUAI
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    Its time. Cassandra's Avatar
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    Nov 2008


    It depends on which area of life we are talking about. I honestly recognize myself in all levels. 1 is something i rarely reach but ive been there. 2-5 is where I live on things that I feel confident about. Things Im still struggling with typically have me between 4-9, with the occasional moments of 2 and 3...

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    The Iron Giant


    I'm surprised how much time I spend in the upper third.

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    So she did. small.wonder's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    4w5 sx/so


    I think currently I average at 3, this includes regular moments of 4 and 2 and very rare instances of 5. From 2005 to 2008 I functioned mainly between 6 and 8 (may have touched 9, not sure) and have been working my way up since.
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    I spend most of my time at 5 when I'm not trying and don't really have anything to do.

    "Active, but disengaged, unreflective, and inattentive. Do not want to be affected, so become unresponsive and complacent, walking away from problems, and "sweeping them under the rug." Thinking becomes hazy and ruminative, mostly comforting fantasies, as they begin to "tune out" reality, becoming oblivious. Emotionally indolent, unwillingness to exert self or to focus on problems: indifference."

    All this is much more true than I would like it to be.

    A real sense of purpose bumps me up to a 2 or 3 and I plummeted down to an 8 when I was severely depressed.

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    May 2009
    6w7 sx
    SEE Fi


    I'd say right now I go between 2 and 5, with mostly 4 but shooting for 3. I sometimes reach level 1 after meditating.

    I've dropped down to 7-8 before, and hovered more between 4-6 before I started doing yoga and meditating regularly.

    One of the yoga books I'm reading recommends dropping your politics; completely for a while. Something about a large tree being able to give shade, but a small tree needing a fence. I'm still a small tree, and in order to develop a calm center, I'm going to have to stop involving myself in strife that doesn't have anything to do with me, so that when I grow into a large tree with a calm center THEN I can be more "involved" without getting carried way BY IT.

    I also am using this recommendation to make myself disengage from anything that is sucking me in too much.

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    eh cascadeco's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    4 sp

    Default I'm starting to think I may not be a 5. Because, nothing in the 1-9 health level descriptions/drivers for 5 really resonates with me. otoh, when I first joined this site, I thought I was a 4, and the 4 descriptors seem much more apt; they 'speak' to me more, and seem to hone in more on what happens to me when I'm less optimal. I probably just have a strong 5 fix, AND I think too easily sit in the level 5 health level for a 4... which would bring on introverted/analytical/withdrawn tendencies even more. Old habits die hard. But I sense improvement on that front, and I'm making some changes.
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    Whatever type's main defense mechanism is avoidance (emotions, people, etc.), that's the type I am and I am at average levels at best.

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    Feb 2013


    I hate to be the outlier but I'm at level 1 most of the time. Over the past year I have waged an all out war on fear and pain. I assert myself. I argue. I experience my emotions. I determine what I want and I embrace everything in my experience. I've been as low as an 8 in my younger years but I've also been studying psychology for almost half my short life. I could share my story here but I'm new so I'll do that somewhere else. I would say that I owe a great deal of it to my mother though. She has a type 8 and her will power is admirable. I learned from a tough woman.

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    Senior Member _eric_'s Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    9w1 sp/so


    I'd say I'm either level 2 or 3. Based on the enneagram site, the descriptions for both levels mostly fit me, and I can't tell how 2 is healthier than 3 from what it says. So, I just went with 3.

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