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Thread: Kirk or Picard?

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    Sisko. *folds arms decisively*
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    Quote Originally Posted by msg_v2 View Post
    I got Search for Spock off the iTunes store this weekend, and I can firmly conclude that the people who are claiming that nu-Kirk's breaking the rules is something that was never present in the original character haven't actually watched anything with the original cast in a while. If nu-kirk seems more wild, age is probably a big factor, and maybe daddy issues.

    In this movie, he very casually decides to break rules because he thinks there's a chance he might be able to get Spock back. There's no doubt or conflict or weighing of his decision to break protocol (at least not in the portions I've watched), he makes up his mind about the whole thing really quickly. Both old Kirk and new Kirk are act first, ask questions later kind of guys.

    So, Se dom... probably ESTP.
    Yeah, that's always been my impression.

    I'm kind of surprised about the claim that old Kirk would never break the rules. One thing the new series does well is track the old characters, although Uhura's much more outspoken (Nichelle Nichols played it tamer, but still had some spunk like in ST3.)

    One think Kirk was always noted for was breaking the rules when convenient or when it suited him or the situation. One reason Picard was so different was because he actually followed the rules even when it cost him a great deal, he was an idealist and believed in the structure/code; in contrast, Kirk was a maverick. He would do anything to succeed in his mission and then take care of his crew when that was possible. (THIS was highlighted in ST2, when Kirk finally faced death and couldn't "cheat" to avoid it as he always had in the past.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmail! View Post
    The Original Serie is much more humorful, and its scenari are better written, for more mature people (TNG being for teenagers: it seems a pretty dull and conservative show in comparison to its rather flamboyant ancestor).

    So I prefer Kirk, but only because when you say Kirk, you cannot bring him apart of the classic Id-Ego-SuperEgo triangle formed by Bones, Spock and Kirk. They all are the same person, the same acting team but each time with a different facet.

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    Default was a tough decision, but I had to go with Picard, because he says "duty" a lot. Haha, DUTY!!

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    Picard. Hes has a very universal mind and sees pontential in people and things alot more. Hes willing to act on his own insight and I think that makes a good leader, Kirk is more "admintrative" and seems to give and follow orders only.

    As far as the shows themselves go, I prefer the original one though, TNG wasnt bad at all but the style of the old generation seems more "aesthetic", and I like, that especially in Sci-Fi.
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